Heidi Patterson

Job Titles:
  • Physiotherapist
Heidi Patterson is a Physiotherapist and certified Pilates Instructor. Following graduation from Otago University in 1998 Heidi has been working in sports private practice ever since. She went on to complete a post graduate diploma in sports medicine and then travel overseas continuing her Physiotherapy in London. It was here that she first started doing some Pilates for herself and discovered how valuable it could be in her treatment and rehabilitation in Physio. When she returned to NZ she decided to mix the two together. Heidi completed her Polestar Pilates Instructor certification in rehabilitation in 2008 and works in the studio with both rehab and fitness clients.

Jenni Soutar

Jenni Soutar Exercise Physiologist - Biokineticist, SA Fascial Release Specialist - Lynotherapy, SA MA Sports Science, SA Jenni graduated as a Biokineticist / Accredited Exercise Physiologist in 2002, in South Africa at Stellenbosch University and finished her Masters degree in Sport Science in 2004. Jenni has been working in her own Biokinetics practice for the last 15 years, where her focus was on injury rehabilitation, strength and conditioning. In 2011, Jenni did her first course in Lynotherapy - Fascial release - and has done multiple courses since. Fascia is her main focus and her key to unlocking chronic injuries. Jenni has competed for many years in mountain biking, adventure racing and ultra-marathons and comes with a rich understanding of what it takes to be your best.

Jonty Garlick

Job Titles:
  • Pinc & Steel Certified Cancer Rehabilitation Physiotherapist
Jonty Garlick Diploma of Physiotherapy, NZ PGD Manipulative Physiotherapy, NZ Certified Pilates Practitioner - Polestar Pinc & Steel Certified Cancer Rehabilitation Physiotherapist With a profound love and wonderment for the miracle of the human body, Jonty has developed a keen interest and skill in the diagnosis and treatment of movement disorders. Having spent years working with National and International sports teams and in Private Practice, his understanding and knowledge of the anatomy of movement is vast. For him the world of Pilates has been a natural progression from his own methods of rehabilitating clients, preferring to show them the way to achieve optimum health and recovery rather than doing it for them. A keen interest in any form of physical activity ensures he remains empathetic to the needs of his clients. In 2013 Jonty completed the course & certification for both Pinc & Steel Cancer Rehabilitation, working with women and men with Cancer.

Lisa Rowland

Job Titles:
  • Certified Pilates Practitioner - Polestar
Lisa comes to Pilates with a long history of working in the health and fitness industry. For ten years she instructed a variety of programmes with Les Mills Aerobics. She also ran the Taupo Events Centre Fitness Centre for two years and within that role provided physical education for the local home school students, worked with green prescription clients and instructed Learn To Swim. Outside of work, Lisa coached children's gymnastics for five years and instructed her own Sports Stretch and Strengthen class for eight years. During this time Lisa also trained as a Massage Therapist through the New Zealand College of Massage in Auckland and has owned a successful massage business since. The human body, and its capabilities, has always been fascinating to Lisa and she is excited to be increasing her knowledge and continuing her passion through the study of Pilates in such a perfect environment as Zone Physio & Pilates. Lisa is certified through Polestar International in the Studio Comprehensive course.

Panda Smith

Job Titles:
  • Certified Pilates Instructor
  • Pilates Instructor
A passionate and fun-loving Pilates instructor, Panda is known for her enthusiasm, variety and energy. Achieving her Master Pilates instructor qualifications in 2014, Panda's knowledge shines through in her personal brand of Pilates; a blend of challenging but fun workouts, with a devotion to helping clients achieve their goals. As well as indulging her passion for Pilates, Panda also has a love for nature, culinary pursuits, music and snowboarding.

Tam Holden

Tam Holden Bachelor of Physiotherapy, NZ PGD HSC Manipulative Physiotherapy, NZ Certified Pilates Practitioner - Polestar Pinc & Steel Certified Cancer Rehabilitation Physiotherapist Tam completed her Physio Degree in 1994 in Otago and her Post-grad in Auckland in 1998. Working as part of Multi-disciplinary teams in Sports Medicine clinics, Tam's expertise focused on a more holistic approach striving always to find a cause, work towards prevention and encourage wellness for life in her clients. This approach led her to Pilates first in the UK and then in NZ where she initially trained in Stott-based Pilates and then with Polestar International. In 2008, Tam became a Mentor for Polestar NZ and in 2012 an Educator. Tam has been a Certified Pinc/Steel Cancer Rehabilitation Physiotherapist since 2009 and a Pinc and Steel Next Steps Trainer since 2017. Tam has a keen interest in working in Women's Health & Cancer Rehabilitation.

Victoria Munton

Job Titles:
  • Certified Pilates Practitioner - Body Control Pilates Assoc.UK
Victoria took up Pilates nearly 30 years ago after being recommended to it by a Physio following a knee injury as a dancer. After spending time in the Health and Fitness Industry as a Massage Therapist and Club Manager, Victoria qualified as a Pilates Trainer in London through the internationally established, Body Control Pilates, under Lynne Robinson in 2001. She has been teaching Pilates combined with Studio Management ever since, in England, Europe, New Zealand and Ireland. In 2005, Victoria became further certified with a Studio Pilates qualification through Polestar Pilates and continues with ongoing education in Pilates and its constant evolvement.