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We make our customers' lives simpler with the convenience of online shopping. We offer exclusive products from the industry leader in the online health and beauty market. We also enjoy a close affiliation with major national brands, including Dell™, Disney™, and many more.
Also known as: Soriano Worldwide, LLC
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pelibif128 April 24, 2021
I will not SHUT UP about this unethical company that profits off of the vulnerable. ALWAYS TRUST YOUR GUT AND IF SOMETHING IS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE, IT’S BECAUSE IT IS. I care for the people. Also, you can always become rich without scamming people. Ps: I will not shut up until this company falls down. I hope you enjoyed reading this my fellow “partners”, Soriano, and potential victims. I don’t care if these comments will get deleted I WILL FIND ANOTHER way to spread my words.
pelibif128 April 24, 2021
Last comment: also, they really know how to manipulate you. They act really nice in a strange way... almost like if they are your friends. I was already skeptic on this company since this girl called Kayler Stacey ( you can easily find her on YouTube, she has glasses) was trying to contact me regularly and wanted to see if I was doing the assignment (loolll). I wanted the pyramid scheme experience without scamming people. If I am not convincing enough, please type pyramid scheme on Google and you’ll see.
pelibif128 April 24, 2021
I wanted to say from the last comment how you are getting FOOLED. Please look at the reviews of the book. This book is NOTORIOUS for pyramid scheme companies to try to lure people by teaching them financial litteracy. Plus, the “partners” literally get PAID for attracting more “partners”. When I pointed out my concerns and showed my skepticism towards this company to my “partner”/“recruiter”, they blocked me from their group chat and blocked me on instagram. Also, they really know how to man
pelibif128 April 24, 2021
A pyramid scheme. They can’t even explain you the company’s business model is without blabbering with filler words. It’s even funnier when the “partners” try to explain since they don’t even know how to without looking they promote pyramid schemes. You need to buy their “services” to be able to stay in the company 2. You have a 7 step process to see if your dumb enough to stay and to gain your trust in the company. 3.You read a book called The business of the 21st century. Plz Look the r