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"Everything we do we are able to do because life has been given to us. A body without life is a corpse; life without a body is spirit... "In Sumarah we have no sacred book. Our sacred book is Life, and yet all too often it is Life itself that we continue to forget... In Sumarah much importance is given to being in the world and to being there conscious of our role, our mission in it. The privilege of existing in the world as human beings carries with it also the responsibility to use our time here in the best way possible. The apparent paradox of most spiritual paths of having to learn at the same time to accept what is and to struggle for change is very much part of Sumarah practice too. Acceptance is a basic idea of Javanese philosophy and it isn't considered a sign of passive resignation to fate, as it is in Western culture, the defeat of our capability. To the Javanese it is rather an indication of profound wisdom, as the mature choice of someone who has gained a sense of the..
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