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Swing Property Management Services is one of South Florida's leading property management and rental companies. REALTORS®, property owners, and renters rely on us to provide honest and true information. In addition, clients expect courteous and professional service. We deliver on all levels. Our reputation and years of experience let you know you are in capable hands... Finding the right person or company you can trust to come into your home is hard. We're like family that you can trust!... Turn to Swing Property Management Services for assistance. We are a property management firm in Fort Lauderdale, FL, with more than 15 years of experience.
Also known as: Swing Property Management Services
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jbsharon6 January 14, 2022
• Swing Property Management Services tried to sue me for items such as air filters, smoke detectors, batteries, work tools, door locks, light bulbs, shower rods, mail boxes, doorbell, bathtub stoppers, electrical outlets, and the Courts ordered Swing Property Management to remove all of those items.
jbsharon6 January 14, 2022
Subsequently when ordered by the Court, Michael Swing submitted receipts showing that the master bathtub was refinished for only $50. Finally, during testimony in the final hearing, Michael Swing testified under oath that nothing was ever done to the master bathtub.
jbsharon6 January 14, 2022
• Michael Swing misappropriated my name on the final lease extension, and then subsequent to that, he submitted it as evidence to court in a lawsuit Swing Property Management Services filed against me. • In the original complaint Swing Property Management Services filed against me, they testified that the master bathtub so badly damaged that it had to be replaced, and cost Swing Property Management Services $800 to replace.
jbsharon6 January 14, 2022
• You will have to sue for your security deposit. Do not allow yourself to become the defendant. • If you do not sue Swing Property Management Services first, you will get sued. Michael Swing along with his favorite attorney (Fabrikant & Associates, PLLC) will lie to the Courts in order to extort additional money through the legal system (ref. Florida Bar Inquiry/Complaint no. 22-6930).
jbsharon6 January 14, 2022
• On move-in day during the walk thru, Michael Swing noted on the original check-list report that the window blind verticals were damaged in multiple rooms. After the lease was over, Swing Property Management Services then charged me $300 for those window blind verticals. Please note that if every window blind vertical was replaced in the unit, it should have cost only $70. • Due to poor construction, poor maintenance and neglect, Swing Property Management Services allowed mold to grow in the building.
jbsharon6 January 14, 2022
• In almost 30 years of renting, Swing Property Management Services is by far the absolute worst landlord & property manager I have ever encountered. • The first time met Michael Swing (Oct-2016) and signed the lease agreement, there was a brand-new washer and brand-new dryer in the unit. By the move-in date, Swing Property Management Services replaced the brand-new appliances with an old refurbished washer & old refurbished dryer that did not work for over 2 years of my 3-year lease term.