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​We have been raising horses for over thirty years. We started with three mares. Two were own daughters of Six Chicks, and one was a daughter of Mr. San Peppy. We bred them to good studs. We rode the foals. If the fillies possessed the qualities that we wanted to see in our colts, we added them to the broodmare band. We used our horses daily, and we knew the characteristics that we wanted them to possess. We wanted to raise horses that had the bone to hold up with daily use. We wanted our horses to have the speed of a racehorse, so if we had to catch a cow in the pasture or a steer in the arena, we would never have to worry about being outrun. We wanted our horses to have enough cow that when we threw cattle up in a corner, we could cut out whatever we wanted. We wanted our horses to be stout enough to the horn that we could load cows or bulls in the trailer when needed. We wanted our horses to hit the ground softly, so that we could ride them all day long. We wanted our horses to be..
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