Brandon Bouché

Job Titles:
  • Production & Admin. Assistant
CreatiVisibility is a full-service graphics and Web design firm. As a small, growing business, CreatiVisibility is run by Lisa Gullette and is supported by a wonderful group of contracted staff. Lisa Gullette is the Creative Director and Designer, Sales & Business Development, and Project Management spending the majority of her time in the production studio interacting with clients and team members locally and remotely. Brandon Bouché serves as customer service and production assistant on our team.

Lisa Gullette

Job Titles:
  • Chief Creative and Business Officer
Lisa Gullette, a native of Cary, N.C, started working in the industry in 1986 and was a part-time freelance designer since 1988 moonlighting while working other jobs. She has extensive experience as a Webmaster, graphic designer, and communications director. Since 2000, Ms. Gullette has designed and developed websites, served as a graphic designer and creative director, and for years 2001- 2006 was in charge of growing a communications program through marketing, print, and Web media for the Institute for Transportation Research and Education (ITRE) at North Carolina State University. She officially opened CreatiVisibility, full-time, in January 2007. As a Commercial Design (Graphic Design) honors student at Atlantic Christian College which was renamed Barton College in the 1980's, she held jobs in the advertising and printing industry. She began contracting and freelancing upon graduation and returned to update her computer graphic skills at the School of Communication Arts graduating in May 2000 armed with the latest and greatest Website design and computer software expertise. She contracted full time as the Creative Director for eMarket-on-Time and MyDoctorNow in June of that year. In 2001 Ms. Gullette started employment at North Carolina State University applying print and web design skills to transportation-related projects at the Institute for Transportation Research and Education (ITRE). A year later she was promoted to director of the communications department at ITRE. Over the years working as the communications program manager for the Institute for Transportation Research and Education, Ms. Gullette produced and/or directed a record number of press releases successfully gaining national visibility for the institute. In the last 2 years of her employment, she increased marketing 80% over the previous years, and increased media attention to the institute 575% over a 5 year period. As Webmaster, she has built website architecture programmed using WordPress, HTML, HTML5, XHTML, DHTML, Java Script, CSS, ASP, XML/RSS, JQuery, responsive design, and created Flash video clips. In addition, she is experienced in accessible programming for clients needing to be compliant with Section 508 of the American's with Disabilities Act, and optimization for search engine indexing. She has created and maintained over 50 websites and has become very accomplished with website programming-a skill many designers leave to the computer science experts. As Graphic Designer she has created numerous original logos, layouts, and graphics used in hundreds of publications that she developed for clients over the years. She has received numerous awards for her creative work. Since opening her business in 2007, CreatiVisibility has become a "go-to" firm for transportation, engineering and technology industry clients and has helped small businesses grow into successful entities through creative and cost effective marketing materials. Over the last 15 years Ms. Gullette has developed a specialty niche working with event planners and public outreach specialists.

Meet Lisa

Lisa Gullette's professional experience encompasses project leadership, technical and creative direction, production, and purchasing of public relations and marketing products. The variety of communications responsibilities range from expanding her clients' visibility through the design of printed marketing products, to design and development of websites, to management print purchasing and hosting management for clients. She provides creative direction, design production and technical implementation, and analytical problem solving using a marketing-faceted approach.SM She is an international award-winning designer for print designs, web designs, logos and for marketing effectiveness. Ms. Gullette graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science in Commercial (Graphic) Design with concentration studies in management, marketing and advertising from Atlantic Christian College (Barton College), has obtained a Computer Graphic Design Certificate from the NC School of Communication Arts, and routinely updates her skills self-taught or in the Webmaster Program at North Carolina State University.