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F-4, Shopping Complex A-Block Meera Bagh New Delhi 110 087
Scan Holdings-India is a name synonymous with Metal Packaging for Food and Beverage Industry. It is a leading supplier of packaging products such as; Aluminium and tinplate Easy Open Ends / Covers with safety feature, Sanitary tin Cans, Ring Pull closures, Stay on Tab (SOT) Caps for beverage, Peel off components, Penny Lever Lid Assemblies, Ring-Lid-Tagger topsets (also called Plug and Foil Closures), Three Piece (3 piece) Steel tins for Juice, fish, meat, fruits, vegetables, coffee, tobacco, nuts, paints, oils, rasgullas etc, Aluminium Beverage & Beer Containers, Two Piece (2 piece) Metal Cans for beer, Neck Foils / Shrouds for glass bottles, Paper Labels for Beer Bottles, DRD Cans, Vegetable Parchment Paper, Printed and Lacquered sheets. For any of our products write to us at, Scan Holdings is a competitive and leading exporter for Printed and lacquered Tinplate that is used in the manufacturing of metal Cans and Lids/Bottoms for packaging of food, beverage..
Also known as: Scan Holdings, Scan Holdings-India
Primary location: New Delhi India
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