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Flex Clinic provides superior care that will allow people of all ages to return to optimal physical function. We can help with everything from sports injuries, to neck back pain, to post operative rehabilitation... Bums and Tums - A class focused on targeting those trouble zones. We work on isolating your core and glutes with a range of different exercises - using a mixture of bodyweight, resistance and plyometrics training to feel that core and booty burn. Not only will we help you strengthen and tighten, but also increase your general stability and strength. Maximum of 4 people with trainer... Popular with many elite athletes who have the ability to travel and train overseas in regions of high altitude, many people are unaware of the significant benefits to general health of training at altitude. Hence, we have brought the mountains to you, allowing health conscious individuals and athletes of all levels to take advantage of the benefits related to altitude training at sea-level
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