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PO Box 264 Montpelier, VT 05601
What Another Way offered was consistent from the beginning; peer support, peer advocacy, outreach, and a safe, welcoming space. Another Way's integral function was to build community. This took a variety of forms including outreach to the State Hospital, maintaining a presence at policy meetings, attending forums where the rights and interests of psychiatric survivors were pertinent, and advocating for housing and low-income rights. In addition, Another Way sent people to state and national conferences such as NARPA and Alternatives... You do not need to have a mental illness diagnosis to come to Another Way. We encourage anyone with an interest in what we're all about to stop by and check us out! We do ask that everyone who comes to our Community Center be respectful, and supportive of our mission. We believe when people join together to share meals, make art, play music, or talk about what captivates them, connections occur. Through these connections it becomes easier to see that..
Also known as: Another Way, Inc
Primary location: Montpelier United States
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