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Brennand Road, Oldbury, B68 0SH
Brandhall is an inclusive school and the needs of all children are well catered for. We are fully committed to supporting individual children who may be experiencing difficulties in a variety of areas and to supporting children with particular gifts or talents... At Brandhall Primary, we are able to administer life-saving medications such as EpiPens, inhalers and anti-histamines, along with medication listed in care plans for children with diagnosed medical needs... Our aim at Brandhall Primary is to provide all our pupils with the skills and attributes they need to be happy and successful; every child deserves an inclusive and experience rich education and their time at Brandhall should be remembered with happiness and pride in their achievements. We hope to inspire our pupils with an exciting curriculum and outdoor education, believe in their potential, encourage them to discover their talents and help them to achieve the very best they can.
Also known as: Brandhall Primary
Primary location: Oldbury United Kingdom
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