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Bryan Wood Urns P.O. Box 5338 Glendale, AZ 85312
Bryan Wood Urns is an idea born from grief. After watching my niece die at a very young age from cancer. I was amazed by the need for everyone looking for a way to express their grief. Some left flowers, poems, notes, tattoos, and signs on their car windows. When I saw the urn that would retain her ashes, I saw the need to imprint their feelings on the very vessel that will hold her ashes. That was over twelve years ago, and after all this time of perfecting the process, I believe the true intent of my actions have been met. I have been striving to remove anyone else's input into creation of your urn. It's yours and no one else. Say only what you can say. Everyone needs to grieve, this is just another opportunity.
Also known as: BryanWoodUrns LLC
Primary location: Glendale 85312 United States
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