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Unit 6, Glebe Farm Industrial Park, Duck Lane, Shadoxhurst, Ashford, Kent
Cherry Acres Animal Housing is a supplier to the UK's largest animal house retailers and garden centres alongside a loyal base of private customers... Cherry Acres Animal Housing is focussed on producing the highest quality wooden animal housing in the UK. As well as selling direct to the public, we also supply housing to the largest garden centres and animal housing retailers... We were founded in 2011 but have almost a decade worth of experience before that working for some of the largest names in the animal housing industry, building everything from large stable blocks to small chicken runs and everything in between. With all of our housing being made to order by craftsmen who've completed a time served apprenticeship in carpentry and have a real passion for their work.
Primary location: Ashford
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F JB August 02, 2016
A quick note on:- Cherry Acres for an honest Customer review. Not a review that gets deleted from their website in fear of dissuading potential new customers. Which is not very encouraging, for if one has the inclination to make to time to delete a comment from an unhappy customer then you would have thought, most businesses would put that misplaced effort into contacting that customer and to make ammends for a faulty product they'd provided you with because that's just good practice and common decency
F JB August 02, 2016
If you're reading this, it may be safer to purchase a design already listed on the website. Since most of the 'happy customers' chose a 'tested' design, I'd strongly recommend that it's perhaps safer to opt for one of these designs than to choose a 'bespoke' design.
F JB August 02, 2016
Otherwise you're potentially guaranteed an expensive bespoke disaster! And if I'm wrong, then I'd love to know why my family were singled out and left with problematical leaking sheds that are not a 'high premium product', and are in fact for us, very over priced considering they're perishing in less than a year from installation.
F JB August 02, 2016
Dan/ Cherry Acres Animal Housing is/are refusing to co-operate and communicate to:- a) fix ( our sheds) so our ducks can be in a mould-free and soaking wet bedding free/ dry shed that does not leak and will offer shelter and warmth at night and during bad weather. or b) give a refund for since they are NOT fit for purpose. Sadly we didn't get very good product. And my Family and I have trying to get in contact with Dan since May 2016 and it's now 2nd of August 2016 !
F JB August 02, 2016
He's not returning his voice mails and emails (both email addresses) that we've left since April/May time and has left us with two leaking sheds. The roofs are of poor quality and essentially a design fault leaving us with two sheds that are not fit for purpose ( of the same design, supposedly, although they're not exactly a carbon copy i.e. the doors are of a different dimension, not sure why?
F JB August 02, 2016
Maybe there is not a set design? Cheap internal roof of plywood that's now 'bowed' and gone mouldy due to leaking/water damage, and the roof has many 'knots' in that have worn within less than a year and these 'knots' have created holes- just to mention a few of the issues we have) . Dan came to try and correct them twice, and yet we've still got problems. And now believe he is ignoring our contact in a plea to sort out the problem.
F JB August 02, 2016
We've parted with nearly £1,000 in total. It's a shame we did not receive the 'quality' and 'outstanding communications' that Dan's other customers received. We've now had to sought a professional third party Carpenter to assess and to try and sort out the sheds at extra cost to us. Beyond disappointing and has left us and our ducks in the lurch for an extortionate amount of money. Dan you shouldn't be offering this service, if you can't deliver