RANK MEDIA - Key Persons

Andrew Lu

Job Titles:
  • SEO Specialist
  • SEO Strategist
Andrew Lu is an SEO specialist with over 11 years of experience in the field of digital marketing. A self-professed 9-5 ninja and cat lover, Andrew has continuously evolved our client's SEO strategy through his decisive planning and extensive knowledge of how website platforms contribute to positive SEO rankings. His expert skills in eCommerce marketing and SEO have rocketed many of our clients into ROIs that continuously outperform.

Brian Appel

Job Titles:
  • VP of Operations, Lead Generation
Brian Appel has been working in the Internet and Affiliate marketing industries since 2004. As the VP Of Operations for Rank Media's Pay Per Call Division, he develops relationships with companies and helps to grow traffic to sites, make affiliates money, manage various marketing efforts, and increase revenue. Having worked on the Affiliate, Network and Advertiser sides of the Affiliate Marketing industry, Brian has a unique perspective that allows him to improve clients' online presence.

Cary Hays

Job Titles:
  • Rank 's Senior Affiliate Manager
  • Senior Affiliate Manager, Lead Generation
Cary Hays, Rank's Senior Affiliate Manager, has a knack for delivering high-quality, high-intent inbound calls and real-time data leads. He is a master at controlling call-flows for clients that ultimately convert to writing more policies. What You Must Know: He's a music producer and videographer in his spare time and absolutely loves creating content.

David Brooks

Job Titles:
  • Media Buyer
David brings together technical expertise and marketing creativity to build data-driven campaigns that are both practical and effective. For the past seven years, David has been a strategic media buyer, driving leads, conversions and sales for B2C, B2B and Fortune 500 companies. David has extensive experience with strategy, execution, auditing and optimization, and optimizing acquisition metrics.

Eitan Lallouz - CFO

Job Titles:
  • CFO
  • Controller
  • Member of the Rest of the Team
  • Rank 's CFO and Controller
As Rank's CFO and Controller, Eitan's business analysis expertise brings the company's internal growth to the next level. His career spans over 20 years of diverse expertise in accounting, finance and launching business startups, bringing a wealth of knowledge to our tightknit team. Eitan has been with Rank since its inception and is a significant component of its victories. Throughout his 10+ years at Rank, Eitan has developed and deployed integral processes that have catapulted our team's ability to continually deliver high-quality services to our clients, fueling the company's continued growth. Eitan holds a Bachelor of Commerce in accounting from Concordia.

Geoffrey Phillips

Job Titles:
  • Senior Vice President of Sales for Rank Media 's Pay Per Call Division
  • VP of Sales, Lead Generation
Geoffrey Phillips, the Senior Vice President of Sales for Rank Media's Pay Per Call Division, is an experienced executive with a background in the marketing and advertising industry. He has been part of the Rankassure team for over five years, catapulting their success to new heights, thanks to his wealth of knowledge in sales and business development and strategy. Geoffrey attended North Idaho College, where he studied Business Administration. What You Must Know He's 47 and can still do a backflip!

Mark Allan

Job Titles:
  • Production Director
Originally from Scotland, Mark completed his Master of Arts in Business Studies. He arrived in Montreal after spending several years working in Australia and New Zealand. From managing projects and creating thorough proposals, Mark works diligently to provide the best service possible for our clients.

Matt Shalinsky

Job Titles:
  • Creative Consultant

Miriane Graciano

Job Titles:
  • Web Designer
  • Graphic Web Designer

Neil Rubin - CEO

Job Titles:
  • Managing Partner
  • Media to Head
Neil Rubin joined Rank Media to head up its lead generation division as the Managing Partner. Neil's extensive experience in customer acquisition and product development, coupled with his knowledge of all the key industry players, makes him the ideal person to put Rank Media on the map when it comes to driving customers to their client's doors. For over ten years, Neil has been managing and planning large-scale digital media initiatives. He has extensive experience in project management methodologies and has scoped out and delivered high-level business and technical strategies within the marketing and online advertising spaces. What You Must Know Neil's true passion is his family, whether it's his three young kids or his high school crush (who he now calls his wife).

Santiago Torres

Job Titles:
  • Lead Brand Designer
Santiago is a visual designer focused on developing singular branding identities and creating type designs that are out of the ordinary. Originally from Colombia, Santiago now lives in Montreal with his wife and cat. He strives to grab life by the horns, take chances, and relish in the unpredictable. What You Must Know: He never walks under ladders. Daily Motivation: Knowing that I've accomplished meaningful work, and that I was able to influence the lives of other people for the better. Co-worker Kudos: "His monitor and future are both so bright, he literally has to wear shades." - Conor

Stacey Greenspoon

Job Titles:
  • Content Manager
Stacey is the creative force behind the development of Rank Media's content department. She manages and coordinates a creative team of professional writers, editors, and translators and is constantly meeting the demands of the fast-paced Internet Marketing industry. Content has evolved into a crucial factor for any marketing strategy. From web content and press releases to articles and blogs, Stacey and her team produce relevant and quality content to achieve optimal results. Stacey received her Bachelor of Arts from Concordia University with a major in Journalism. Her passion for writing and all forms of written expression combined with her communication skills and understanding of various businesses, ensure that each client's vision is accurately put into words.

Tina Andes - President

Job Titles:
  • Member of the Rest of the Team
  • President
"What does it take to be a great marketer?" I ask myself that question regularly and my answer keeps changing. I can never stop learning how to improve for myself, and my clients. I discovered a passion for developing marketing strategies early in my career. After years of marketing in radio, television, print media, and now on the internet, I have gathered a wealth of experience and knowledge that I use every day to create strategies that work. The key to my ability to deliver a plan that will result in increased revenue is listening and understanding my clients and their business needs. I have extensive experience from running my own business and I bring an understanding of what it takes to make a company successful and profitable. During my career, I obtained my Masters of Business Administration in Marketing at CSUN to take my knowledge one step further. At Rank Media, I am surrounded by a team of the best and the brightest in our industry and lead by some of the most successful entrepreneurs around.

Tyler Bougie

Job Titles:
  • Director of Media Buying & Strategy, Lead Generation
Tyler is the kind of guy who is genuinely passionate about driving success through various digital marketing channels - it isn't just for show! He heavily relies on data to build winning campaigns, and he (really) loves engaging with clients to answer questions and propose new strategies.

Vanessa Butler

Job Titles:
  • Content Lead & Branding Strategist
While Vanessa cannot juggle, her years of experience as a senior editor, copywriter, project manager, ghostwriter, and social media manager has made her an excellent addition to the Rank content department. What You Must Know: She lives a life of balance. She's met the Dali Lama, and has watched every episode of The Simpsons.

Vanessa Yee

Job Titles:
  • Social Media Director
Throughout school, Vanessa was in health sciences until her love for social media and digital marketing, sparked from YouTube, helped her switch to marketing. From initially starting her YouTube channel as a hobby but eventually a full-time job during university (circa 2009), she saw how big social media was becoming and how essential it was to brands. After university, she worked in social media marketing for several different industries - from textiles and fashion to immigration law - which has helped her create and deploy unique social strategies today at Rank. What You Must Know She have sushi every day and never gets tired of it!

Yohan Perez - CEO

Job Titles:
  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Member of the Rest of the Team
Yohan co-founded Rank Media in 2009 and has been instrumental in the agency's success and international expansion. He manages several parts of the business, including marketing, communications, human resources, and business development. His team recognizes him as a man who sees the big picture and tackles problems head-on, using his passion to build a strong and exciting team culture. Yohan has spent the last twenty years building companies from the ground up, assembling strategic teams and leading them into exciting enterprises. With a passion for business ventures, he has applied proper company logistics and solid marketing plans that have resulted in success time and time again. This strategy has enabled him to establish several businesses throughout his career. Yohan's focus has been on building internal Intellectual Property focusing on lead generation around main sectors such as Insurance, Mortgage, and the Fashion Industry.