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5538 S. Eastern Avenue Las Vegas, Nevada 89119 United States of America
AXEL combines all your different devices into a single file ecosystem. Access, transfer, or send files from any device - no matter where they are stored. All without upload times, size limits, or security worries... Founded in 2012, we've always been about giving people full control over their digital lives in a world that's increasingly cavalier about taking it away. The first realization of our vision was the Indiegogo-funded CloudLocker, a physical, private cloud storage device that delivered all the power of the cloud without the need to upload anything anywhere else... In a world that's increasingly happy to take away your data, AXEL keeps you behind the wheel. Our patented technology allows device-to-device sharing, without pit stops. Your files don't touch our servers unless you want them to. We don't track or profit off of the data you provide. Our only business is making sure you can do yours.
Also known as: AXEL
Primary location: Las Vegas United States
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