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Updated 33 days ago
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Innovation is a very basic concept. You either set the trends, or you follow them. Rarely is there room for interpretation of this most basic of concepts, especially when it comes to the motorcycle industry. You are either willing to take the risks associated in defining your own sense of style and design, setting yourself apart from the pack...or you become one of those guys you see hunting for his bike in a sea of thousands of other cookie-cutter bikes. It's usually one or the other. You can see the difference in such innovative builders and designers as Joe Martin of Martin Bros. Bikes, Matt Hotch, and Billy Lane. Soon we may be adding a couple of newcomers to that list of unique innovators. JC and Jimmie Lee Coen have focused their sights on setting new trends in motorcycle design. These two brothers have been building bikes for friends and customizing their own rides for more than 22 years. They were the "go-to" guys in their circle when it came to motorcycles. Recently they decid..
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