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With over 30 years experience in the burglar alarm trade, Derek Green prides himself on providing a quality, professional and personal service to all his customers... This has resulted in a fair proportion of his business now coming from recommendations... Burglar Alarm installations, maintenance and repairs covering North Somerset and South Bristol. Professional, Personal Service with Competitive Rates. Free quotation and no obligation quotes provided.
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outhereproductions September 17, 2021
If this guy prides himself on delivering a quality service then unfortunately he does not show that. Basically just talks about how wonderful the alarms are he fits. Its like he charges to come round and tell you a story but does no work to try and rectify problem. He thought he was coming round to just change panel battery and all would be ok. As soon as he seen fault on panel he lost his marbles and panicked. The mist clueless person i have ever met. Sorry but this guy is not professional. He' a chancer.
outhereproductions September 17, 2021
Fault in zone. He asks where it is. We only have 3 zones. He gets very panicked and doesnt check them. Set off my alarm which went on for 3 mins. He said should go on for about 20 mins, maybe faulty battery on external box he said, Never checked it. But thats what we called you out for, continues to try and sell us a new system. If he fits a new system will check it then. So in reality he wants to £50 to come and quote for a new system. Derek is not a honest tradesman.
outhereproductions September 17, 2021
Rouge trader. Charges call out charge just to tell you to have a new system with out checking old one. Comes without manuals and does not know codes for alarms. Seems to only work with one type of alarm. If its a repair or diagnostic check you need do not use this guy. You will be sorry. Call out charge for doing nothing. No diagnostic report or solution. Seems very unwilling to check any sensors and we only have 3. Very strange individual who talks and talks but does no work.
outhereproductions September 17, 2021
Derek is not a good trader. We had a problem with alarm and someone passed on dereks number, he Attended my house 3 days later to fix alarm. Soon as he turned up he tried to talk my partner into having a new system. Eventually tried a new battery but did not work. Alarm was reading fault in one of the zones. He did not test them or external battery, he also turnt up with wrong manual and asked my partner to google problem. On the phone he said would test the system, he done no test what so ever..