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An intelligent store is about outstanding customer experience based on enterprise agility and innovation power. Ogloba is the partner that gives you the freedom and flexibility you need to create Digital Miracles. By "Digital Miracles", we mean those outstanding customer experiences that differentiate you from your competitors. You have to be remarkable, and you must create the space for marketing greatness. Today, that means more than just dressing up your content in a fancy outfit. You need to be compelling and relevant, and that means more than just personalizing your web content. It means having the power to start a conversation, and keep that conversation relevant across every consumer experience. All this does not come in a ready-made package which is why we believe that innovative, flexible and open technologies are a crucial foundation for agile eBusiness and marketing... Discover Ogloba, a leading provider of digital payment solutions and innovative transaction technologies...
Also known as: Ogloba Ltd.
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Mag October 18, 2016
I disagree with Rebekka Rea's comments. Althought Rebekka Rea is a reputable person, she failed to deliver any contract in the US and Ogloba had to stop her contract.
Mag October 18, 2016
Great bunch of passionate IT people who like to invent and build things.
pauldfound October 14, 2016
A very good company to work for, Ogloba have an industry-leading product, and value and nurture the talent in their team. Although this team are spread worldwide, help and support is always available although of course, it can take a little effort and flexibility to make it work.
B rea March 15, 2015
Paul van der Schueren is the Founder and President of Ogloba Ltd. and Ogloba, Inc. Rebekka Rea and Eduardo Miccolis resigned from Ogloba. There is high turnover in this company due to contracts not being honored and lack of internal communication and support. Currently, there are no operations occuring in North America under Ogloba, Inc.