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3186 Vista Way, Suite 300 Oceanside, California 92056
Roosevelt Law Center PC is a leading law firm providing distressed homeowners throughout the country with professional and legal representation in applying and qualifying for suitable loan modification programs. The anti-foreclosure division at Roosevelt Law Center PC specialize in emergency postponements of scheduled Trustee Sale Dates. The standard modification services of Roosevelt Law Center PC allow the firm to intervene and negotiate on behalf of homeowners with lenders and mortgage companies. Roosevelt Law Center PC has developed the experience, knowledge and relationships in this field to successfully navigate with lending institutions to negotiate a fair and suitable loan modification settlement in favor of the homeowner's needs... The staff at Roosevelt Law Center PC fully understand and respect how much homeowners have invested in their home, both financially and emotionally. Helping them retain their home as well as alleviating the stress that comes with heavy financial..
Primary location: Oceanside United States
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pyramid091811 April 05, 2020
Wildflowerginas December 23, 2016
Roosevelt law center saved my home. They accepted my forclosure mortgage 2 weeks before my home was scheduled to be auctioned. William and nancy in processing did so many conference calls with me and the attorney from the banks side that i lost count. They used every possible method to save my home and finaly able to come to terms with not only the bloody forclosure attorney but also the mortgage people. Thank you. Happy holidays. I am in my home with your dedication
hollyprayercircle October 25, 2016
god bless all of the legal specialist at Roosevelt Law Center. i owe you the world. i was introduced to Roosevelt Law center by the non profit HPA, and was given amazing customer service every day. my family, my kids, our pets, my entire life owe you a thank you. every time i called them they gave me the help i needed and made sure the same mortgage company that would ignore me would pay attention. i had the loan modified last week and have my first lowered payment on December 1st. God bless you Roosevelt
lovelyirusso October 21, 2016
thank you everyone at Roosevelt Law Center. I was referred to the law firm while in the middle of a horrible and stressful foreclosure. I have nothing but great things to say about the entire group at Roosevelt Law Center PC. You saved my home, you always gave me amazing customer service. Yes, i was not easy to deal with but you gave me hope and you kept me focused on keeping my home. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you again. I would highly recommend Roosevelt Law Center to all my friends
mwallace.itservices September 29, 2016
Hired the law firm in 2014. I am self employed so my paperwork and income stream was a mess. The processing staff at Roosevelt Law Center PC helped me organize my tax documents, profit and loss, bank statements. William Kumar and Nancy Evans were a god send. I have no time during the day with my business so i am truly grateful for all their help and assistance.
kristen.bowen72 September 29, 2016
I would like to personally and professionally thank all the legal staff at Roosevelt Law Center PC, upon finding out that all three of my properties (my main property along with my two investment properties) were in foreclosure with active scheduled auction dates i hired the firm to protect me. As a small business owner, I understand how important a company's reputation is. Thus i wanted to make sure to thank them by not only making a testimonial video, but also writing about my great experience with them.