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619 15th Avenue, Franklin, NE 68939
Come home to a community that cares. Franklin, Nebraska is a wonderful place to work, start a business and spend time outdoors... West of Red Cloud, the earliest attempt to settle the area was in the winter of 1866 and 1867 on Turkey Creek about four miles north of present day Naponee. This settlement was abandoned due to pressure from the Indians. After that, in 1870, several land companies (often referred to as 'colonies') were formed out of Omaha with the intent of identifying good land for settlements and profiting through the establishment of towns and selling lots and land. Several expeditions were arranged, and due to all the glowing reports coming out of these expeditions into the area about a land rich in wildlife, timber, tillable land and water resources, many homesteaders flocked to Beatrice (the location of the U.S. Land Office) to sign up for homesteads on land they had never seen. The Thompson Colony set up shop on Thompson Creek in the spring of 1871 which eventually..
Primary location: Franklin United States
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