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It is easier to achieve certain milestones when you have an existing foundation to build into. In the case its messenger app, reaching a billion of monthly users is a bit easier because of the users of its growing social network. But then again, it is still quite an achievement that Facebook can be proud of. Facebook has recently announced that monthly usage of its Messenger service app is more than a billion... Apple has come up with a number of popular gadgets over the years. Many have been embraced and accepted almost immediately when they first came out. But no matter how popular some gadgets can be, there comes a time when they either become obsolete or their popularity has waned. This may be what has happened to the Apple iPod Nano and Shuffle, two of Apple's popular MP3 players, which are being discontinued. While it is no surprise that Apple will discontinue some of its older product line, there is always a tinge of sentimental sadness over such news. These Apple MP3 players..
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