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814 W. Wisconsin Avenue, Milwaukee, WI 53233
The Milwaukee Public Library (MPL) was formally established and opened on July 8, 1878. It occupied 2 other locations during these early years. However, after running out of space and experiencing several fires, the Library began planning for a permanent, fireproof building. Around this time the Milwaukee Public Museum (MPM) was also looking for a new home. In 1890 Adolph Meinecke, MPM Trustee, and Klas Linderfelt, MPL Director, proposed the idea for a joint building. At that time, both the Library and the Museum were City departments. Once the decision was made, from 1890-1893 the City of Milwaukee began purchasing homes/lots on what is now 814 W Wisconsin Ave (formerly Grand Ave). The City solicited designs for the building and selected local Milwaukee architects Ferry & Clas. Work began in October 1895 and lasted until 1899. The total cost for land, building and equipment was $780,000, which would be roughly $27 million today. On October 3, 1898, the Library area of the building was..
Also known as: Milwaukee Public Library
Primary location: Milwaukee United States
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