SCHALMONT - Key Persons

Adam Dolan

Adam Labuda

Aileen Ryan

Job Titles:
  • Assistant Principal

Aimee Yankowski

Alicia Madej

Alisha Couse

Alitza Shoss

Allison Weber

Amanda Rider

Amber Berry

Amy Macauley

Andrea Bryson

Job Titles:
  • Science

Angela Uhl

Angelo Santabarbara

Job Titles:
  • President of the Board
Angelo D. Santabarbara is serving his second term on the Schalmont Board of Education. Mr. Santabarbara - not to be confused with the NYS Assemblyman - is a firm believer in enriching the Schalmont education to build better students within the constraints of budgets that our community can tolerate. Mr. Santabarbara and his wife, Melissa, are proud parents of four past and present Schalmont students (one currently in elementary school, another in high school, and two graduates). He has served as Board of Education Vice President and on multiple board committees since 2013 including the Policy Committee, Budget Advisory Committee, Technology Committee, Profile of a Graduate, and the Tech Cabinet. Mr. Santabarbara has been the Director of Networks and Systems at Siena College since 2012. He earned his MBA in Information Systems and Technology Management from the Rochester Institute of Technology in 1998 after receiving his bachelor's degree in Biotechnology from RIT in 1997.

Ann Schulman

Antonia Piccirillo

Armine Spoelstra

Job Titles:
  • Director

Ashley Williams

Barbara Marotta

Ben Beliveau

Bonnie Barner

Bonnie Case

Bonnie Wilson

Brandy O'Donnell

Job Titles:
  • CPSE Secretary & Student Registration

Brandy Pedinotti

Breanna Kearney

Brenda Leitt

Job Titles:
  • District Clerk

Brian Croote

Brian Sheldon

Bronson Knaggs

Camille Simon

Camryn Mesick

Carlyn Beaver

Job Titles:
  • Special Education

Carol Kramer

Carolyn Cassels

Carolyn Stagnitti

Carrie Fiske

Carrie Shapiro

Job Titles:
  • School Psychologist

Cassandra Shafer

Catherine Pray

Job Titles:
  • Secretary

Charlotte Schwartz

Job Titles:
  • Library

Chase Campbell

Cheryl Glindmyer

Christina Romano

Job Titles:
  • Counselor ( a - L )

Christine Muzio

Colette McKelvey

Colleen Monaco

Corinne Kinns

Cornelius Bradt

Job Titles:
  • Library & Digital Media

Courtney Deming

Job Titles:
  • Science

Courtney Frederick

Job Titles:
  • Administrative Assistant

Courtney LaBarge

Courtney Powell

Craig Couture

Daniel Hanley

David Lawrence

David Lawrence is serving his first term on the Board of Education. He has a bachelor's degree in Secondary Social Studies Adolescent Education and History from SUNY Cortland and a master's degree in Curriculum Design and Instructional Technology from SUNY Albany. He has been teaching Global History and college level Economics for over 15 years. He and his wife, Melanie, have two boys at Jefferson Elementary. David is a Cub Scout Pack 54 Den Leader and also coaches Rotterdam Youth Soccer and RC Little League.

Dayna D'Ambrosio

Job Titles:
  • Attendance Secretary

Dean Hamilton

Debbie Falcone - CIO

Job Titles:
  • Chief Information Officer

Deborah McCloskey

Deborah McGarry

Job Titles:
  • Secretary

Deborah Proulx

Denise Smith

Job Titles:
  • Secretary

Donna Woods

Job Titles:
  • Secretary to the Superintendent & Tax Collector

Dr. Thomas Reardon

Job Titles:
  • Superintendent
  • CSD As Superintendent
Dr. Thomas Reardon joined Schalmont CSD as Superintendent in July 2020. He previously served as Superintendent for Wynantskill Union Free School District for five years. Prior to that, he served as Principal of Voorheesville Elementary School from 2009 to 2015. Dr. Reardon began his career as a middle school English Language Arts Teacher in the Bethlehem Central School District, before moving into an administrative position as Assistant Principal at Slingerlands Elementary School. He also has spent years working as an adjunct professor in teacher education programs around the Capital District and has published articles pertaining to best teaching practices, collaborative practices, and moral, culture, and climate.

Elizabeth Lancto

Elizabeth Popolizio

Elizabeth Walrath

Emily Holodak

Eric Lybrand

Erica Keefer

Erika Boehlke

Erika Filkins

Erika Minehardt-Quick

Erin Goncerz

Evan Williamson

Felicia Amoroso

Job Titles:
  • Administrative Assistant

George Alden

Job Titles:
  • Music

Greg Loiacono

Job Titles:
  • Counselor

Hannah Busch

Heather Cohen

Heather O'Keefe

Holly Stadel

Jamie Pink

Jason Beck

Jason McCord - CCO

Job Titles:
  • Director of Communications

Jean D'Alessandro

Jean Hanson

Jean Hanson is serving her third term on the Schalmont Board of Education. She is the Director of the Bureau of Business Intelligence for the New York State Office of the Medical Inspector General. She is a member of the district's Policy Committee and has previously served on the Facilities, District Safety, and Audit Committees. Ms. Hanson graduated from Schalmont High School. She attended Schenectady County Community College, where she majored in Culinary Arts and, later, Accounting. She and her husband, Steven, have two children who are Schalmont High School alumni.

Jeff Devine

Jeff Van Hoesen

Jennifer Pierce

Jessica Bennett

Jessica Dolan

Jessica Melchior

Jessica Torsiello

Jessica Zupan

Jill Facteau

Jillian Baird

Job Titles:
  • Science

Joby Gifford

Job Titles:
  • Principal

Joe Whipple

Joelle Sweet

John George

John Mrazik

John O'Donnell

Job Titles:
  • Director of Facilities

Joi Rumbaugh

Joseph Keenan

Joy Moore

Julie Foster

Julie Ploss

Job Titles:
  • Music

Julie Toas

Julie Umar

Job Titles:
  • Assistant Principal

Justine Buckley

Kacie Rea

Kaila Jackson

Job Titles:
  • School Social Worker

Kaley Brindisi

Karen Feurer

Karen Lynch

Karen Passino

Karen Rogotzke

Karen Ryder

Kate Choi

Job Titles:
  • Counselor

Kate Kruk

Job Titles:
  • Member of the Board
  • Vice President of the Board
Kate Kruk earned her bachelor's degree in English Education from The College of Saint Rose. She has spent many years as a successful event director and fundraising specialist in the local nonprofit industry. This experience has made her very aware of budget constraints and how to make every penny count. Currently, Ms. Kruk is the Director of Community Engagement for Livingston Energy Group. She is an active volunteer for the Makerspace program and is involved with the Friends of Schalmont Libraries and Friends of Music. She also coordinated the Jefferson Turn off the TV initiative for several years. She and her husband, David have children in the Schalmont classes of 2021 and 2022. Ms. Kruk serves on the Policy and Profile of Graduate/Strategic Planning committees.

Katherine Brown

Kathie McKeon

Job Titles:
  • Secretary

Kathleen Russell

Job Titles:
  • Director of PE, Health & Athletics

Kathleen Sellnow

Kathryn Farry

Katie Cole

Katie LeRoy

Katie Mankuski

Kelly Benkoski

Kevin McKearn

Kevin Thompson

Kevin Thompson is serving his fourth term on the Schalmont Board of Education. He is the chief financial officer of Quandt's Foodservice Distributors, Inc. He also is licensed in New York State as a certified public accountant (CPA). Mr. Thompson has coached Rotterdam Little League for the past several years. He also volunteers his time as an instructor for business/accounting courses at SUNY Cobleskill's Community Outreach Program. Prior to serving on the school board, he served on the Schalmont Budget Advisory Committee for more than seven years. His professional memberships include the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and the NYS Society of CPAs. Mr. Thompson received his bachelor's degree from the University at Albany. He and his wife, Carol, live on Becker Crossing in Schenectady. They have two children who both attend Schalmont schools.

Kim Brandt

Kim Dunham

Kim Knapik

Kimberly Donofrio

Kimberly Woodrow

Krista Bondi

Kristen Reilly

Kristin Brady

Job Titles:
  • Special Education

Kristin DiPiazza

Kyle Canavally

Job Titles:
  • Resource Officer

Kylie Gibbs

Job Titles:
  • Counselor

Laura Edick

Laura Schrepper

Job Titles:
  • Counselor ( M - Z )

Lauren Defayette

Laurie Hughes

Laurie Kapfer - Treasurer

Job Titles:
  • Treasurer

Laurie Macken

Leea Mulone

Lindsay McConnelee

Lisa Ash

Job Titles:
  • School Social Worker

LuAnn Duxbury

Job Titles:
  • Science

Lyndsay Mattice

Lynette Miller

Madison DeCerce

Marc Geer

Maria Zarrillo

Job Titles:
  • Food Service Director

Marisa Caprara

Mark Woodrow

Mary Zanta

Maryann Campagnano

MaryBeth Flatley

Matthew Goebel

Matthew Heckman

Job Titles:
  • Principal

Meghan Davis

Meghan Mulkerrin

Melissa Dawes

Melissa Gemmett

Job Titles:
  • Payroll

Melissa Patneaude

Melissa Pierson

Melissa Rao

Job Titles:
  • Library Media Specialist

Micaela Williams

Michael Atkinson

Michael Christy

Job Titles:
  • Music

Michael Harris

Michael Hurteau

Michael Libertucci

Michele Guzek

Michele Williams

Michelle Laribee

Michelle Stevens

Michelle Weeks

Mike Mastrella

Mike Williams

Miranda Eldridge

Miranda Eldridge is serving her first term on the Board of Education. Miranda resides in Rotterdam with her fiancé and their son, a student at Jefferson Elementary. Miranda and her family have also had the enriching experience of hosting an exchange student from Germany who has been attending Schalmont High School this year. Miranda is an active member of the Jefferson Elementary PTO and attends Schalmont School Board meetings regularly as a community member.

Molly Brown

Monica DiCocco

Morgan Fitzpatrick

Natacha Cruz

Natalie Casalinuovo

Nicole Martyn

Job Titles:
  • Assistant Principal

Nora Sabatini

Patricia Dowse

Job Titles:
  • Member of the Board
Pat Dowse is serving her second term on the Schalmont Board of Education. She is the VP of Business Development at New York Alliance for Inclusion and Innovation. She has children in the Schalmont School District and resides in Rotterdam, NY.

Patrick Houlihan

Rachael France

Rachel Stockbridge

Raegan Gleason

Rebecca Danforth

Job Titles:
  • School Psychologist

Rebecca Remis

Regina Hanson

Ryan Fries

Job Titles:
  • Physical Education

Ryan Little

Sandra Riggin

Sara O'Brien

Sarah Brassard

Job Titles:
  • Teaching Assistant

Sarah Mattice

Sarah Scotti

SaraJane Cipperly

Scott Ziomek

Job Titles:
  • Principal

Sean Spacher

Shannon D'Aurizio

Shannon O'Rourke

Sharon Aniolek

Job Titles:
  • Teaching Assistant

Shea Carr

Stacy Butler

Stephanie Carter

Job Titles:
  • School Social Worker

Steve Connell

Job Titles:
  • Transportation Supervisor

Sue DiCaprio

Sue Schiavo

Sue Torres

Susan Bird

Job Titles:
  • Teaching Assistant

Suzanne Pris

Tara Benedetto

Tara Bush

Terri McCreadie

Job Titles:
  • Director of Technology Services

Thomas Borkowski

Tiffany Wood

Tracie Perone

Tracy Pontin

Wendy Spezza

Wendy Stearns