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73 Princes Street Waikari 8276 New Zealand
We are that which endlessly transforms interdependantly in visible and invisible ways with both the esoteric and the exoteric. We are leaders in acknowledging the Leader in all of us. We are messengers in awakening the Messenger in all of us. We are healers in awakening the Healer in all of us. We are philosophers in experiencing the Philosopher in all of us. We are creators in accepting the Creator in all of us. We are prophets in claiming the Prophet in all of us. We are masters in proclaiming the Master in all of us. We are the unique and infinitum parts of Oneness. We are the fun, the joy, the gratefulness of Beingness... Through our life example we acknowledge that we are a source of inspiration and creativity for all. Our expressions, creations act as catalysts for self-acceptance and self-empowerment to whomever they come in contact with... Transforming the way we think, the way we perceive, interpret and experience our lives, and who we are.
Primary location: Waikari New Zealand
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