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A6-80 Birmingham St. Toronto, Ontario M8V 3W6
Often the speed that we operate does not allow us to give the level of attention to every element that we bring into a video. Badpixel is always able to upgrade the content through their creative flare, attention to detail, and their expertise in motion. We would highly recommend Badpixel as a content partner. They understand how to succeed within tight deadlines, and integrated workflows. Their work is of the highest quality, and they are very willing to make themselves available to ensure a quick response. Above all; the team always extend their expertise to help better the creative thinking, and they understand the true meaning of adding value to our business... We have been working with Badpixel for many years now, through different agencies. They have been a great partner who can quickly telegraph complex services or processes into ideas-in-motion, with creative that elevates our final product. They work along side with us throughout the creative process, and are able to quickly..
Also known as: Badpixel Inc.
Primary location: Toronto
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