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Most importantly, we are entrepreneurs. In 1780 Jean Baptiste Say defined ‘entrepreneur' as a term that refers to an individual that creates value in the market by taking an economic resource out of areas of low productivity and into areas of high productivity, creating a greater yield. At Baker+Brown Co, we believe in the power of entrepreneurialism. We believe that passion and purpose can change the world around us. Therefore, we simply seek to empower people. We equip and accelerate entrepreneurs around the world... We are makers. It is who we are, how we grew up, and what we aspire to be. Descending from families of entrepreneurs, engineers, inventors, jewelers, manufacturers, farmers and craftspeople-it is in our DNA. Our passion is creation. We grew up in our fathers' woodshops where we began creating as children. Taught at an early age-we've heard it repeated countless times-a job worth doing, is worth doing right. The first time! And we always had to put the tools back in..
Also known as: Baker+Brown Co.
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