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We have been feeding BARF since 1998 already and have never looked back. When we started all those years ago there was nobody feeding their dogs this way and initially therefore we were advised by Dr Billinghurst - especially regarding certain health issues. For the first few years we only fed our own dogs this way - all of them. Imported stock, brood bitches, stud dogs, lactating bitches, weaning our pups and feeding our veterans. This was done in the face of huge opposition and harsh criticism from all vets, dog owners, and breeders, until the effect on our own dogs became apparent. Only then did we venture into the market. In recent years others too have ventured into the market, but..........we were the first to produce and sell BARF as it is known today!... We make use of chicken, quail, beef, mutton, hearts, livers and gizzards. We are not to keen on feeding fish as this not a true biologically appropriate raw dogfood. Different cuts of the chicken are minced up together with..
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