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Queensway House 13 Castle Street, St Helier, Jersey, JE1 1ES United Kingdom
Wizz Air is continuously looking for opportunities to expand its network of destinations and provide low-cost air transport. We are committed to achieving the lowest cost base in the Central and Eastern European region and airport choice has a crucial impact. This is why we fly to a mix of primary, secondary and regional airports, providing friendly and fast customer service for low costs, which are reflected in WIZZ fares. We are in constant negotiations to establish a network of operations at more airports... DREAM MORE. LIVE MORE. BE MORE. At WIZZ we believe that every trip you take, every encounter and experience you have, leaves its mark and builds the person you are. As the airline that has one of the most unique destination networks in Europe, we are here to take you to these places - so you can fly away from boredom, fill up on experiences, live through moments and make new memories... At WIZZ safety and security is our crew's number one priority. Our cabin crew, pilots and..
Also known as: Wizz Air Bosnia LLC, Wizz Air Holdings Plc, Wizz Air Hungary Ltd., Wizz Air UK, Wizz Air UK Ltd., WIZZ Company
Primary location: St Helier United Kingdom
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