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Thrussington Church of England Primary School, Hoby Road, Thrussington, Leicestershire. LE7 4TH
Thrussington School is a vibrant community in which children thrive both academically and personally... At Thrussington CE Primary School we aim for our children to become independent and creative writers. We encourage them to write over a range of genres, for specific audiences and purposes. Throughout their writing, we place great value on the importance of accurate grammar, punctuation and spelling as well as the development of correct letter formation and neatly presented handwriting. Through our English curriculum, we aim to nurture in the children a love of literature and language, and the confidence to continue write throughout their lives... At Thrussington, we place the highest importance on providing all children with a structured approach to learning to read from the moment they start at our school.
Also known as: Thrussington CE Primary School
Primary location: Thrussington United Kingdom
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Church, Educational Institution
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