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Itasca is recognized around the globe for our team of engineers and scientists blending practical engineering and field experience with unparalleled knowledge of computer modeling and data analysis techniques... Itasca is proud of its origin on the campus of the University of Minnesota and values relationships with universities and colleges. These relationships have led to the development of Itasca Education Partnership (IEP) Teaching and Research Programs... For over five years, Itasca Chile SpA (Itasca) has developed and continuously updated, the 3D numerical groundwater flow model for this open pit mine in Chile. The model is primarily used to estimate pore pressure distributions for past, present, and predictive stages of the pit excavation. These are subsequently used for 3D slope stability analysis. With the new and updated model, new predictions for future stages were made, and new mining and drainage plans were evaluated from a hydrogeological point of view.
Also known as: Itasca, Itasca Australia Pty Ltd., Itasca Consultants AB, Itasca Consultants GmbH, Itasca Consultants S.A.S., Itasca Consulting Canada Inc., Itasca Consulting Group, Inc., Itasca Denver, Inc., Itasca International Inc., Itasca PerĂº S.A.C.
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