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Bella Palazzo is a professional Vacation rental company that has been in business since 2001. We have years in the business and are a Trusted source in the industry. We have very high standards that carries out through to all of our Guest Experiences... Bella Palazzo is a company that has become the most respected name in hospitality and event spaces. For over two decades, Bella has presented only the very finest of private home venues for vacation rental and corporate incentive events. Entrusted with Super Host status, and over 500 reviews, Bella has established an industry standard for excellence. Since 2001, we have honed our skills in the hospitality industry and the vacation rental world, and now we are the trusted source for vacation rentals in the Valley and the West Coast! Founder and CEO of Operations of Bella Palazzo, Margie, has 20 years experience in the publishing and marketing worlds. Twelve years as the Art Director for Phoenix Home and Garden Magazine Margie led the..
Also known as: Bella Palazzo Collection, Bella Palazzo Management LLC,
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