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Patio and Pool Enclosures by CIP are lightweight architectural buildings designed and built to meet North America`s strictest building code requirements. Utilizing state of the art technologies and world class engineering, every project is guaranteed to satisfy every owner`s requirements. Our Automatic Pool Blankets stop evaporation and heat loss without any of the fuss of hand cranked reels or pull out systems. Just push the button. Turn your outdoor pool and patio areas into an indoor landscaped oasis with our patented automated systems. Our products have innovative design features that are truly unique in the industry... When we first starting thinking about a Pool Enclosure we couldn`t see everyone being able to push the bays one at a time from end to end. We wanted it designed for the extremes of our North American climate, rugged enough for all weather conditions, snowstorms, hail or hurricanes. We also wanted clear, uncluttered views without cross struts construction, beams or..
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saigoncons1 May 07, 2021
Saigoncons Swimming Pool Construction Design Company was established in 2003, specializing in designing, constructing construction of water works, tunneling waterproofing, distributing and applying composite materials in practice and especially in design field. build a professional swimming pool, serving projects with strict requirements on aesthetic fine arts, structural design techniques and product quality of projects such as hotels, family villas, offices , high-class apartment complex, city anti-floodi
quyetseo2021a May 07, 2021
Saigonpoolspa is a construction company with over 16 years of experience in the field of professional swimming pool construction. The company's main activities are related to swimming pool equipment installation, swimming pool design and construction, building family swimming pools, swimming pool architecture design, school projects and evaluation. Modern technology and experience accumulated from the first day of establishment help the company to meet customers' needs. As an affiliated unit with Vingrou