Dustin Homan

Job Titles:
  • Project Manager
Dustin is involved in project development, management and delivery. His organizational skills and ability to keep things moving along allow us to stay on track and deliver the excellent work our clients expect. Dustin is a graduate of The Ohio State University with a bachelor's degree in Agriculture and a master's degree in Agricultural and Extension Education. His personal mission is to involve youth and adults in the food, agriculture, and natural resources sectors to create a more food secure and sustainable world. Toward achieving his mission, Dustin's experience spans grant writing, project management, curriculum development and delivery, research and evaluation, and publishing both domestically and internationally. He has been a valued team member at private, non-profit, and postsecondary institutions during his career. He, his wife, and twin sons live in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Heather Bryan

Job Titles:
  • Education Specialist
Heather's first job was in the education department at the Toledo Zoo, creating informal learning experiences. After 17 years in environmental science and biology classrooms, Heather joined the EP team. Having the Ohio Master Teacher designation means that Heather understands education! She writes innovative curriculum, facilitates teacher workshops and lives on a farm with her family in northwest Ohio. Heather serves as a project manager for the Ohio Corn & Wheat and Ohio Small Grains. She helps create curriculum for several other projects, leads professional development for teachers, serves as a Teacher Leader for Ohio Soybean Council's GrowNextGen, and is a certified trainer in Next Generation Science Standards. She has a Bachelor of Science in Geology and Zoology from Miami University and a teacher certification from Bowling Green State University. She received her masters in Education at the University of Findlay. Heather lives in McComb, Ohio with her husband, 4 children, 6 dogs and many farm animals.

Jane Hunt

Job Titles:
  • Education Specialist
Jane recently retired from 30 years of teaching environmental science, biology, health and gifted students at Upper Arlington Schools and Twin Valley Community Schools. Because Jane has a deep understanding of teaching and learning, she is a gifted curriculum writer and teacher workshop facilitator. Jane serves as a project manager for the Ohio Soybean Council Educational Outreach Program, the Ohio Soybean Council Workforce Development Program, the Ohio Soybean Council Ag Biotech Academy and the Ohio Oil and Gas Energy Education Program. She writes curriculum for several other projects, oversees the GrowNextGen Teacher Leaders in their curriculum development role, and is a certified trainer in Next Generation Science Standards. Jane currently acts as an adjunct for Ashland University and helps out with Environmental Science field trips at Upper Arlington High School. Jane is a graduate of the Ohio State University with a BS in health education and a certification in biology and general science and an MA in school counseling. She lives in Dublin, OH.

Jeanne Gogolski - CEO, Founder

Job Titles:
  • CEO
  • Founder
Jeanne, a founding partner, is responsible for client relationships spanning more than 20 years. An educator and former school counselor, Jeanne has the unique position of straddling both the…

Melinda Lloyd

Melinda leads our team's work on the student leadership portion of the CABLE grant. In addition, Melinda contributes to our evaluation efforts, as we seek to constantly measure user satisfaction and…

Nigel Ewan

Job Titles:
  • Creative Director
Nigel works to ensure clarity of visual communication for all client projects. Everything speaks and Nigel ensures that our brand and the brands developed for our clients are delivered on all levels. Nigel provides creative energy and direction around everything you see and experience in our work. He holds a BFA in Advertising and Graphic Design from the Columbus College of Art and Design. Nigel and his family live in the Clintonville neighborhood of Columbus.

Sally Ewan - CCO

Job Titles:
  • Communications Director
While our curriculum is written by our education team, Sally supports the reviews and edits content. Communication on activity and experiences originates from Sally for our workshops, meetings, outreach events and presentations. She is best at capturing all kinds of content to tell our story through important social networks and our newsletters. Her skill in making stories interesting and compelling is fun and engages the reader. Sally graduated from the Ohio State University with an undergrad degree in Broadcast Journalism and a masters degree in Elementary Education. She taught for several years in the Worthington school district before leaving the workforce to homeschool her children. Now that they're in or beyond college, she's excited about working with She and her husband live in Upper Arlington, Ohio.

Susan Sherer

Job Titles:
  • Member of Our Team
  • Partner and Director of Business Development & Marketing
Susan is the newest member of our team, joining as a partner in 2016. Her specific focus is helping our customers identify funds to grow capacity and innovate. Susan has deep leadership and strategic planning experience. She has served as a business owner, CEO, General Manager and Executive Director of various private and nonprofit entities. Susan is well-known for her high-profile role in leading the nonprofit agency partnered with the National Football League (NFL) to deliver Super Bowl XL in Detroit. Most recently Susan was the CEO of a social service nonprofit delivering $40M of aid in Michigan. A graduate of the Ohio State University, Susan lives in Detroit, Michigan.