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5 Latham Court, PO Box 5460 Hamilton, New Zealand
As a company we (Convex) are committed to reduce our impact on the environment and to help other companies do the same - and we have proven that by investing in the development of functional sustainable packaging for over 20 years... The Econic journey began in 1995 when we purchased what was possibly the first commercial cornstarch-based packaging resin from a visionary company in Europe. We developed that resin into a film we market as Greensack TM. Although Greensack is very functional, with similar properties to traditional Polyethylene (PE) plastic - its softness, opaque colour and initial premium price limited its suitability for widespread use so we developed the film further to make it more affordable and functional. We also started working with other resins made from compostable materials, as they became available - and we continue to do so today... The combination of our strong technical support and ongoing product development has allowed us to customise Econic to suit most..
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