CONSENSIO - Key Persons

Francine Tseng

Job Titles:
  • Osteopathic Therapist
Francine graduated from the European School of Osteopathy in the United Kingdom. She has practiced and worked in a wide variety of contexts, from treating young dancers and elderly clients to volunteering her services to homeless individuals. Inspired by the humanistic focus of Osteopathy, Francine supports a person's journey to gain more freedom of movement through their whole body, from the feet to the hips, spine, shoulders, all the way up to the small bones that make up the head and face. In her practice, Francine commonly sees individuals of all age groups with a wide range of complaints. In her free time, Francine enjoys playing music with friends, hiking and kayaking, cross-country and telemark skiing, and just being in these mountains. She is originally from Hong Kong, and speaks English, Cantonese and Mandarin.

Genevieve Wright

Genevieve Wright has been practising somatic (body-oriented) therapy in the Bow Valley for over 13 years. Her own significant health challenges in 2000 led her deeply into the world of healing and complementary medical approaches and, ultimately, to train in Integrative Energy Healing and Somatic Experiencing. Through the gentle techniques of Somatic Experiencing, and other integrative healing approaches, Genevieve's work helps to resolve trauma, and relieve chronic stress. Kindled by the desire to empower people in their healing, Genevieve is a lifelong learner and constantly pursuing professional development in her field. She has a particular interest in mental illness, addictions, and early developmental trauma. Woven through her life has been an age-old love of the French language and a career in translation and interpretation. (She has translated two works of non-fiction for children, a book on whales and another on penguins.) Genevieve is a mother of two adult children and a dog, loves yoga, walking in the boreal forest, aquafit, time in Nature (on foot, skis or snowshoes), gentle cycling trips with a latte at the end of the road, travel, wild dancing, and a good book.

Jeanette Davison

Job Titles:
  • Registered Acupuncturist
Jeanette Davison has many years of experience in the health field. She has travelled the world gaining experience and knowledge with different healing practitioners and doctors. She studied at Wild Rose College and received her Master Herbalist Diploma. This experience initiated her strong interest in Chinese Medicine and she went on to Victoria B.C to study and received a diploma in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. Her love for travel and dedication to learn more led her to an internship in a clinic in Seoul, Korea and then a volunteer position at a non-profit clinic in Colombo, Sri Lanka. After Sri Lanka, she travelled to Costa Rica and started an acupuncture practice for two years, where she designed and implemented a health program for local residence. Then she travelled to Santiago, Chile, where she lived for four years. Jeanette complemented her considerable experience with Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine by starting a practice in Fertility treatment. She has successfully worked with both men and women to develop customized fertility programs by which they were able to conceive naturally. In addition to specialized fertility treatments, she provides support for women from conception to delivery. She also has several years experience in treating people who are dealing with stress, anxiety, insomnia and chronic pain.

Lynsey Dobish

Prior to relocating to the Bow Valley, Lynsey spent 10 years as an athlete on the national kayak team. During this time she also worked as a personal trainer for high level athletes, while managing a training facility in Edmonton. Upon moving to Canmore in 2008 she became highly involved in cross country and down hill mountain biking and now spends her free time working as a Level 2 Professional Mountain Bike Coach. In the winter months, Lynsey also participates in fat biking and back country snowboard touring.

Nathalie Trottier

Job Titles:
  • Osteopathic Therapist
Nathalie studied Physiotherapy at the University of Montreal and Osteopathy at the Collège d'Études Ostéopathiques de Montréal. She obtained a Master's from University of Calgary. Nathalie is a leader in the study of how alternative and conventional medicines can be complimentary, and at the forefront of improving understanding of and access to osteopathy. She is passionate about her work and dedicated to the future of her science. Nathalie has won many awards for her research. Nathalie supervises student thesis work in Osteopathy and has established Consensio Clinic as a leader in collaborative medicine in Alberta. Her personal specialities include plagiocephaly and torticollis, concussions, stress management, chronic conditions and palpation. Nathalie moved to Canmore in 2008 along with her family. She enjoys all the mountain sports available here in the Rockies and is a proud mother of two daughters.