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Also known as: Innovate 1 Services Inc.
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ben February 02, 2017
If you have been a victim of Innovate1 scam it does not help to complain, simply open a complaint with the Consumer Protection Council of Nigeria, the EFCC or the US FBI Internet Crime Centre. These avenues are free and you would have helped another person from falling victim.
dewale70 July 28, 2015
This company is just a big scam. As Nigerian government officials are bloody scammers am not surprised they chose a dodgy company like this for processing visa and passports for their citizens. Someone or two high up there must be getting a kickback of sort for this scam no doubt. Like most things Nigerian, it is embarrassingly shambolic. They turn a very simple process into a mine field, shame on you all.
marshallfischer2008 June 09, 2015
I am amazed at how awful this company has been to try to work with. BBB rates them as F. They are impossible to connect with. They have no interest in pursuing any issue or information. I do understand why the Nigerian government might want to use a payment portal as part of its anti-corruption mitigation methods, but this is not the company that will improve any image of Nigeria.
chukkanwosa May 22, 2015
It is a shame that this is the kind of company that the Nigerian Immigration service is contracting for the processing of national passports. This company is grossly unprofessional and inefficient. It's high time the Nigerian government revoked the contract with them. I don't see the need to engage a third party in the passport business because that is the reason we have embassies.
chukkanwosa May 22, 2015
Even after making payment and the money debited in my account, it still did not reflect in the 'transaction history' nor did i receive any confirmation to that effect. I will be the last person to recommend this firm to anyone for any purpose whatsoever.
chukkanwosa May 22, 2015
I am very much disappointed with this company or firm that claims it's priority is to ensure customer satisafaction. I have sent tons of emails to them and waited for weeks without any reply. They encourage you to call them but there is no help desk or customer support to take the calls, making one to suspect the firm as fictitious or a scam.
claytonprior April 28, 2015
In all my years of dealing with suppliers, I have never experienced such poor quality service and ridiculous rules. They have negatively affected my business and have lost me clients. They seem to show no regard for customer service. They do not reply to your emails and good luck trying to contact them over the phone. If you are able to, avoid using this company at all costs.