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3001 Summer St. Stamford CT 06926 United States
Nobody can see what you can see… and that's a good thing. Right now, clients worldwide are relying on the full scope of Pitney Bowes' enterprise to deliver precision products and quality service they need to win in the marketplace. Corporate Support professionals at Pitney Bowes are the perfect complements to our Sales, Engineering and Operations teams - providing the solid organizational base from which we offer exceptional customer service... My title is SMB Demand Generation Marketing Manager, and I am responsible for acquiring net new clients for Pitney Bowes via the digital channel. I enjoy being a trailblazer in defining best practices in marketing. Given our aggressive goals, we execute a magnitude of campaigns utilizing various forms of technology and data. We "team" internally by providing strategic guidance to other business units to help them meet their goals using similar tactics. My greatest accomplishment is being a part of the acquisition of approximately 700,000 new..
Also known as: Pitney Bowes, Pitney Bowes Czech Republic, Pitney Bowes Deutschland GmBH, Pitney Bowes France S.A., Pitney Bowes Inc., Pitney Bowes India Pvt Ltd, Pitney Bowes Limited, Pitney Bowes México, Pitney Bowes Norge AS, Pitney Bowes Oy, Pitney Bowes Software Canada Inc., Pitney Bowes Software Europe GmbH, Pitney Bowes Software Europe Ltd, Pitney Bowes Software India Pvt. Ltd., Pitney Bowes Software K.K., Pitney Bowes Software Ltd, Pitney Bowes Software Pty Ltd, Pitney Bowes Software SAS, Pitney Bowes Switzerland AG, Pitney Bowes US, West LLC
Primary location: Stamford United States
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