Mike Roarty

Job Titles:
  • Director
  • Executive
Mike Roarty is an executive and team coach, leadership trainer and consultant. Mike has held national strategic responsibility for people development in previous roles. His work with leadership teams in the NHS, the world's 4th largest organisation, gives him a firm understanding of complex systems and the importance of cultural change in achieving large-scale transformation. He has also held creative and management roles in the Music Business, which bring a particular creativity to his work. With 15 years of supporting leaders and teams to achieve stronger results through developing solution focused and strength focused approaches, Mike now works regularly on organisational development programmes built around a strengths focused culture. He has recently co-authored The Strengths-Focused Guide to Leadership (FT Publishing, available October 2014). He and co-author Kathy Toogood show how leaders can develop strengths focused teams. They present a four step model, MORE, which they use to introduce leaders to their tried and tested approach. (See What is Strengths-focused leadership) Mike's clients have spanned a range of sectors: Pharma, Banking, IT, Retail, Music Business, Local Authorities, NHS, Social Care and Voluntary sectors. (see Who we've worked with) Mike has a Masters in Coaching & Neuro Linguistic Programming from Kingston University, and is a Chartered Member of the Chartered Institute for Personnel and Development. He is a qualified coaching supervisor. Mike currently coaches leaders to achieve higher performance, both for themselves and for their teams. This often involves coaching/facilitating both the leader and the team to develop the shared vision, define the critical success factors, and build the motivation and commitment to taking the action needed to make it happen.