GO FOR GROWTH - Key Persons


Job Titles:
  • Founding Director
Jeanette Cowley is the founding director of Go For Growth specialising in dispute resolution, helping businesses to maximise the performance of top teams, develop and retain the best talent and resolve complicated management challenges. If you, your team or business, are embroiled in a complex issue, or you simply want space to think through what you really care about, Jeanette is a good person to contact. Before founding Go For Growth, Jeanette was a member of the executive of a FTSE 100 business as Group HR Director responsible for around 90,000 staff worldwide. Her previous roles include Managing Director Learning and Performance at Marsh, and Head of HR UK and EMEA Operations at American Express. Jeanette has also held significant roles with Grand Metropolitan (now Diageo), Thorn EMI and started her career in local government. As a CEDR accredited mediator, team and leadership coach; a researcher into both how senior leaders sustain momentum and the use of art in business; and an abstract artist - Jeanette helps clients explore what they want, what they really care about and how to accelerate success: whatever success means in the moment. Jeanette often acts as a sounding board and adviser to leaders. She facilitates interactive discussions about building trust, resilience, credibility, how to lead change and negotiating when relationships matter. With over 25 years experience working in many countries, Jeanette draws on her expertise at executive and board level for FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 companies and client work with SMEs, charities, third sector organisations and start up businesses. Jeanette's approach is both strategic and practical; she started her career focusing on negotiation and has significant expertise in major change and communication strategy, team alignment, mergers and acquisition issues, governance, leadership development, mediation and dispute resolution, talent and succession planning, executive, team and transition coaching.


Job Titles:
  • Company Secretary