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Ben Helfgott

From Buchenwald to the Olympics, this is the incredible story of one of the Windermere children. This is not just the story of another Holocaust survivor. After all, very few survivors would, just a few years after liberation, become Olympic athletes....

Cohen, Michael

From the Balfour Declaration of 1917 to the Suez Crisis of 1956, Britain's strategic interests in Palestine and in the Middle East underwent radical changes. A leading authority on the British Mandate in Palestine and the rise of the state of Israel, Professor Michael J. Cohen focuses...

Derek Taylor

Derek Taylor has written a comprehensive and highly readable biography which will restore Adler to his true place in history.--Elkan D Levy ***Nathan Marcus Adler remains the longest serving Chief Rabbi in the history of Anglo-Jewry. Yet...

Don Pacifico

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  • President of the Jewish

Elaine Thornton

Thornton provides a pithy family biography of the well-known Berlin Beer family that illuminates the paradoxical situation between enlightenment and antisemitism that Jews faced in the German territories in the 19th century.

Francine Lazarus

Francine Lazarus survived WWII in Belgium hidden with strangers, isolated from her family, and moved from place to place. She witnessed murder and was often injured herself. With her father murdered in Auschwitz, her story continues post-war with the young Francine, neglected and abused by her...

Freedland, Michael

Confessions of a Serial Biographer is the story (or rather the stories) of Michael Freedland, a man who has mingled with celebrities since he was a teenage junior newspaper reporter. He has been involved with some of the iconic names of Hollywood and showbiz in general...


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Hermann Adler

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Jacobs, Louis

This autobiography of one of the world's leading Jewish religious thinkers and teachers, and the central participant in the dramatic 'Jacobs affair', begins with his early boyhood in a poor district of Manchester. The story covers his student life at Gateshead and London University, his trips...

Kesler, Michael G.

Throughout the ordeal, Michael Kesler seems to have made all the right choices. Yet as his compelling memoir shows, even the best choices were often accompanied by a deep sense of shame...

Rabbi Adler

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  • When Chief
When Chief Rabbi Adler died in 1911, his friend, Sir Adolph Tuck wrote: ‘The fame of...

Rabbi Hertz

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Rabbi Ken Spiro

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  • Senior Lecturer & Researcher, Aish HaTorah, Jerusalem

Rabbi Nathan Marcus Adler

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Rabkin, Anna

What happens to a child whose early life is marked by trauma and loss? Can a reviled other find the courage to speak out? Anna Rabkin's comfortable childhood in Krakow ended abruptly when her Jewish family fled both Communists and Nazis during World...

Randy Grigsby

Randy Grigsby has a knack for making history come to life in his books.

Schonfeld, Rosemary

Rosemary Schonfeld grew up as the daughter of a Czech immigrant in post-war UK and Canada, unaware of her father's Jewish identity and of what really happened to his absent relatives. In adulthood she began to feel compelled to find out whether Relly,...

Seddon, Isabelle

This is a wonderful book that places these Jewish artists in a historical-cultural context. This is not only a British story, but a much wider Jewish one for which Isabelle Seddon provides many interesting insights.

Simon, Andrea

Haunted by her grandmother's Old World stories and larger-than-life persona, Andrea Simon undertook a spiritual search for her lost family. Her quest for truth gave tragic answers. Using newly translated archival records, she peeled back layers of clues to confront the mystery. This story...


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Tamman, Gabriel

[T]he time may soon be coming when the events that have taken place in the region will have to be considered as part of the great exchanges of population that have...

Taylor, Derek

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  • Rabbi
  • the King 's Chief Rabbi
Chief Rabbi Joseph Herman Hertz (1872-1946), perhaps Britain's greatest Chief Rabbi, led his community through two World Wars and was instrumental in the rescue of Jewish refugees from Nazism. He published many books and edited the seminal Hertz Chumash. Rabbi Hertz was a...

Tom Arceneaux

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  • Attorney, Associate Hadassah Lifetime Member, AIPAC Activist
It is history shared with the gift of accuracy and compassion; a reminder...

Watson, Nigel

The life of Arnold Ziff is the story of one of Yorkshire's most successful businessmen. He floated his property company at the height of the post-war property boom, making him a fortune. His triumphant takeover of Barratts provided the backbone for one of today's...

Wolf Mankowitz

Wolf Mankowitz, that high-profile and pugnacious participant in the cultural life of 1950s and 1960s London, was a man of so many parts one scarcely knows where to begin. Mankowitz was an acknowledged expert on Wedgwood china (one of his special talents...