Aimee Steen

Job Titles:
  • Medical Research Analyst
  • Medical Research Writer

Allan Bernstein

Job Titles:
  • Chairman, Medical Committee Stroke Neurology

Davit Mrelashvilli

Job Titles:
  • Stroke Neurology and Executive Advisor

Erwin Mangubat

Job Titles:
  • Surgeon
  • Member of the Medical Committee Neurosurgery, Deep Brain Stimulation

Marcia Patterson

Job Titles:
  • Clinical Specialist

Nicholas Totagrande

Job Titles:
  • Operations Manager
  • Operations Specialist
  • Project Manager at Juno
Nick began working at Juno while in college, pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Biology at the University of San Diego. After graduation, he continued his work with Juno while concurrently helping establish a multimillion dollar company in the live entertainment space, growing the company from 3 employees in late 2017 to over 250 and re-expanding it post the 2020 pandemic. As a project manager at Juno, Nick facilitates key interactions between the internal team, the FDA, and the NIH. He is driven by the idea that his work at Juno will one day help increase the quality of those debilitated by long-term stroke side effects. Bachelor's Degree in Biological Sciences from the University of San Diego College of Arts Sciences. With a passion for the novel, Nick has dabbled in hobbies ranging from FPV drone racing and DIY mechanical keyboards to fly fishing and boxing. Currently he is pursuing golf in his spare time to stay fit and keep off the ‘Quarantine 15'.

Souvik Sen

Job Titles:
  • Principal Investigator, First - in - Human Clinical Trial Stroke Neurology

Trisha Pfluger - CEO, Founder, President

Job Titles:
  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Founder
  • President
Trisha initially had her vision for the company in 2001. She saw the problems with modern-day medicine and our healthcare system and instinctively knew the human body was capable ofrepairing itself more than people currently understood. She went on a mission to uncover and discover how this was possible on a cellular and molecular level and use the knowledge she would gain to eventually create some kind of medical device that would send a signal to human tissue to induce repair or regeneration. It was in 2014, over a decade and a lot of hard work later, that she had finally obtained the knowledge she needed to make this vision a reality.