DATA ARCHIVE - Key Persons

Annette Warren

Job Titles:
  • Writer
Annette is a garden writer and blogger. In addition she assists on Clive's workshops and works as a stylist on shoots. Annette has written numerous articles to accompany Clive's photographs and has her own blog about gardens she has visited -

Condé Nast

Job Titles:
  • the National Trust

Jacky Hobbs

Jacky is a creative freelance stylist and writer. She works with Clive on interior and garden shoots, and also in close partnership with photographer Michelle Garrett.

Jane Nichols

Jane was a founding partner of Clive Nichols Photography. Her hard work and dedication over the years helped Clive transform his creativity into a functioning business. Although Jane now focuses on her business coaching practice, she continues to support Clive with the more strategic aspects of the business. Jane was founding chairman of the Garden Photographer's Association and a founding partner of the company which established International Garden Photographer of the Year.


Job Titles:


Job Titles:

Stephen Johnson

Stephen works as Clive's digital assistant on shoots, providing live views from the camera to enable the art director to see how Clive is shooting. He also retouches the images from these commisions. Learn more about Stephen's process at