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210 41st Street, #202 Brooklyn, New York, 11232
AGA prides itself on having a dominant presence in many fast developing countries such as Ukraine, Kazakhstan, India and the United Arab Emirates. We supply parts to many other countries and have developed great relations with all the major shipping companies... For many years AGA Parts has developed close ties with the biggest construction company manufacturers. Due to this and many other reasons we can supply parts, customer service and shipping for the lowest price on the market. We offer a wide range of original and only quality aftermarket parts, such as Caterpillar, Cummins, Komatsu, Hitachi, Atlas Copco, Detroit Diesel, Volvo Construction, Case, New Holland, Buhler, Bobcat, Freightliner and International.
Also known as: AGA, AGA Parts Company
Primary location: Brooklyn United States
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Manuel Vargas November 13, 2023
I received my order of Cummins parts here in Argentina. Everything I ordered was neatly packed in a big box, arrived safe and sound, no damage at all. Thanks to the AGA team for doing a great job. I'll definitely be in touch for more
Ryan Pfeifer July 19, 2023
I'm writing this review as a satisfied customer. I received the Bobcat control sensor that I ordered at the end of June. Now, I can get back to work just in time as the season is in full swing!
Jake Pecot March 20, 2023
I provided AGA with photos of the parts I required, along with their corresponding part numbers. However, AGA requested that I send a list instead, stating that they do not work with photographs. I found it surprising that they found it difficult to transcribe six digits from the photos.
Chris Shockwitz January 18, 2023
I had an urgent order and emphasized the urgency multiple times in correspondence with the managers, but they replied that they have a lot of clients and all orders are considered in order of priority
Martin Jules December 13, 2022
Unfortunately they don't speak French. Although they have that language on their website interface. We communicated through a Google translator
Harley Becker October 28, 2022
The price was good enough to place the order but when it came to arranging the delivery, I had to refuse. Unfortunately I can't wait for 15 days for this order to get to Canada
salmoncarlos978 September 09, 2022
I couldn't hear the manager properly. The connection went down a couple of times so I had to write an email. Please change your phone service
ssdlaboratoryworld September 06, 2022
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Dick Hazard July 28, 2022
I got quoted just a few days ago. Everything looked good. After requesting an Invoice I was told that a few positions went up in price due to the semiannual price increase. What are the odds of that, huh? The price difference wasn't that scary just a few percent. I placed the order
Dominic Carubba June 09, 2022
Five stars for customer service, quick responses to enquiries and working phone number for keeping in touch. Although my order has not yet arrived, I am already a satisfied customer. Thank you
Sakil Ruma May 13, 2022
I received a quote at the end of March. The price was satisfactory, it took me longer than planned to pay for the Invoice. Unfortunately, the prices increased during that time and I had to pay extra
Kishor Dhola March 04, 2022
I needed a 3551410c1 International part and got online to search for it. AGA seemed to have the part I needed. I knew nothing about this supplier so I cautiously ordered the part using PayPal. I waited two weeks and didn't see the part. I thought it might be a scam, but the part came in a few days
Thesto Womens Accessories Online January 20, 2022
You guys are doing awesome
Jeff Brown January 20, 2022
We found your company as a good supplier for our fleet of Bobcat skid loaders. You guys have some wide arrangement of parts and the prices are down to earth as well. We'll definitely come back again!
Mario Miles December 15, 2021
When they found out that I'm from West Orange, they immediately offered me EXW terms since I live near by. It was a good idea. Not only did I save some money, I was also able to stop by and pick up the same day
Scott Rand October 11, 2021
I would like to thank AGA for their help. These guys managed to deliver parts to Florida. I'll keep your company in mind for future spare parts needs
John Verner August 26, 2021
While looking for 1310072643 Atlas Copco lamps, your website came up first. Price was $32.81 per piece. I sent the request to confirm the price. The price turned out to be lower and the lamps were in stock USA. The offers from other suppliers were not competitive.
Omar Halabi April 08, 2021
I do not know english well and wanted to communicate with a manager who speaks arabic. They do not have such specialists, But I managed to get the necessary information by e-mail
Raymond Ellington December 04, 2020
As AGA deals with part numbers only, they couldn't help me with my request. I specified the vin number, but as it turned out they can't provide technical support for certain machines
Ali Guzar October 28, 2020
we are very pleased with the choice of CAT spare parts.prices are highly competitive
Ronald Karlsson July 30, 2020
AGA showed their professionalism again. I got my parts 2 weeks after payment . Installation went smoothly, the right spare parts with no defects. My little old man Bobcat works like a new one
mmohammadetriki May 21, 2020
In order to get a quote your are required to provide the part numbers. They do not help to mix and match part numbers and the machines. I had to spend a lot of time looking for the part numbers in order to get the prices. Though, AGA offered reasonable prices for Komatsu.