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40 Bank Street London UK
GFB CAPITAL is a leading broker offering both novice and professional traders worldwide with the opportunity to trade in a variety of markets including Forex, indices, commodities and stocks. Our team of dedicated veteran professionals brings together their expertise and experience from a variety of fields including risk management, Forex trading, derivatives, market analysis and payment processing. As a result, we are able to offer traders a fully integrated trading experience within a secure, transparent and reliable trading environment... At GFB CAPITAL, we understand that no two traders are the same and for this reason, we offer a selection of account types. Each account has been tailor-made to suite different trading styles and requirements and each offers a selection of trading benefits and services. No matter which trading account you qualify for, at GFB CAPITAL, we provide all our traders with exceptional customer support and service. We understand that our most important..
Also known as: GFB CAPITAL Ltd.
Primary location: London United Kingdom
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gilles230368 June 25, 2015
Trader avec des courties agrées, j'ai essayé pour voir avec 200 € c'est vrai que c'est beaucoup mieux encadré. Mais pour moi le mieux de ne pas perdre son argent c'est de le garder croyer moi.
gilles230368 June 25, 2015
Bonjour, j'ai été victime de GFB CAPITAL et de la privat bank invest c'est la même chose. je tiens à vous raconter mon histoire pour les personnes qui veulent investir. j'ai été contacté par Yves Barriere un pseudonyme bien sur qui m'a proposer de verser 2500 euros en compte géré pour gagné tous les mois 10 pourcent de la somme. En totalité j'ai placé 22500 € TBI BANK et heng seng bank et percu que 1000 €. J'ai porté plainte.
daniel.bey June 04, 2015
Bonjour, Je n'arrive plus à joindre GFBCAPITAL et ma connexion à MT4 ne fonctionne pas. Avez-vous des infos ? Merci d'avance Bonne journée
emchristie26 May 26, 2015
Hi Riverbond , thanks so much for that advice , I will do it right away .
omararaji May 24, 2015
really I invest 45000$ I don't know what to do now
riverbond111 May 22, 2015
Just to make everyone aware , that dont add MONEY in GFB capital as they are just bunch off crooks. Everything is fake and crap.
riverbond111 May 22, 2015
I can still see money in my GFB account , and MT4 platform but cant take it out. as i did changed password before this happened . any suggestions on how to take money from MT4 platform as website withdrawal is fake,
riverbond111 May 22, 2015
Hi Emchristie, comment deleted. Have you contacted action fraud department. I did and they are looking into this GFB hopefully this website will be taken off soon as this is in hands of London Police department who handles such kinda cases. They said that i should receive refund, and they are going to guide me through process. so i would recommend you to call them and register a case against GFB and you will be given a National crime reference number to start with.
emchristie26 May 21, 2015
Hi Riverbond-you can always delete that earlier comment . Shame you used a debit card-credit cards have more protection though I still don't think I have much chance of a refund...
riverbond111 May 20, 2015
Hey sorry was out of town, yee good news GFB capital website is back. feel bad for my unprofessional comments, but sometimes cant control emotions. Ye I paid the money by Visa debit , have contacted my bank as this is a case of fraud, slim chance to qualify for refund. But obviously an expensive lesson learned. Thanks GFB guys, specially Nigel White.
emchristie26 May 19, 2015
the good news is the website has reappeared . Bad news is gfb are now blacklisted by the FCA so UK investors should avoid them .
gilles230368 May 18, 2015
vendredi 15 mai j'ai pu joindre GFB CAPITALà ce numéro +442035144174
gilles230368 May 18, 2015
Bonjour, j'ai ouvert un compte chez Gfb capital il y a deux mois et tout ce passais bien. j'ai eu un virement de 1000 € et depuis une semaine je n'ai plus de nouvel. j'ai quand même eu un appel car je devais faire un autre virement que je n'ai pas fait, je ne pouvais plus me connecter sur gfb capital. La seul information qu'il m'ont donné c'est un incendie sur la plateforme. j'attend de voir !
emchristie26 May 17, 2015
Did you pay the money with a credit card direct to them , not through an intermediary like Paypal ? If so , there is a slim chance of qualifying for a Section 75 refund under the credit card legislation . I have not tried yet-only looked into it yesterday . Google''Section 75 refunds-money saving expert ''-the Martin Lewis site , and you will know as much as I do . Failing that , we are stuffed [again]
emchristie26 May 16, 2015
I have been trying to contact GFB for a week as I have an account with them . I cannot get access to my account ; if I google their website I get a blank screen ; they do not answer my emails ; none of their phone numbers are taking calls ; can anyone tell me what is going on?