Gavin Byrne

Gavin is a proactive and hands-on Project Manager with a background in general contracting and interiors construction. Gavin's technical knowledge allows him to seamlessly manage day-to-day project operations, including budgeting, procurement, and schedule management. His highly-engaged approach enables him to support productive collaboration and efficiency among project teams large or small.

Greg Haszu

Job Titles:
  • Structural Engineer
Greg is a structural engineer with exposure across new construction, core and shell, and retail and office projects. Greg's professional background in both engineering and development provide him with a dynamic perspective and versatile skillset. Greg's outside-the-box thinking helps ensure project success.

Janelle Moody

Job Titles:
  • Staff Member
Janelle brings an invaluable sense of organization, management, and technical understanding that can be applied to projects of all scales. A licensed Architect with more than thirteen years of experience in Design and Construction, Janelle has worked on a wide range of projects which vary both in program and scale, including primary and secondary schools, urban master plans, high rise towers, renovations, and retail interiors.

Jennie Tolfa

Jennie is a licensed architect and interior designer with more than nine years of experience in design and construction at award winning architecture firms in Chicago and Europe. Jennie has worked on a variety of high-profile projects, ranging in scales and typologies and has expertise in residential high-rise, mixed-use high-rise, cultural buildings, performance spaces and performance driven design. Jennie's holistic approach to architecture, attention to detail, organization skills and provide value to any projects from design phase through construction.

Joanna Solis

Joanna provides organized coordination and focused communication to ensure continuity across a project team. With a background in estimating and subcontracting, Joanna is detail-oriented and methodical in her approach to managing the complete project. Joanna utilizes her technical knowledge and organizational skills to ensure a consistent and thorough quality of delivery.

Josh Mertes

With fifteen years of construction experience, Josh is a results-oriented Project Executive who contributes to all stages of a successful project. With expertise in corporate buildouts and interiors, Josh has overseen all aspects of construction operations, including pre-construction services and estimating, value engineering, scheduling, and quality control programs. Josh is LEED AP and OSHA certified, and through his well-organized communication style, Josh is able to provide skilled leadership for any project team.

Joshua Davidson

Job Titles:
  • Staff Member
Joshua brings an unmatched dedication for delivering the highest-level results for his clients. Joshua's background includes over ten years of construction management with experience in markets throughout the United States. In his role as Project Manager, Joshua provides a passion for overseeing the project from early development through the completion of construction. His attention to detail and organizational skills provide a clear path to a successful project.

Kyle Feeney

Job Titles:
  • Structural Engineer
Kyle is a licensed structural engineer and former general contractor superintendent with a project portfolio that spans commercial, retail, hospitality, and corporate interiors. Kyle's firsthand experience in engineering and general contracting provide him with a robust understanding of the project process. Kyle is able to deliver experienced strategy as well as the technical knowledge needed to manage project teams and guide the complete project life cycle.

Lloyd Davidson

Job Titles:
  • Staff Member
Lloyd is one of the co-founders of RL Edward Partners. With over 2 billion dollars in construction experience he has worked at every level within the industry. As a subcontractor, general contractor and developer, his experience gives him a distinctive perspective on project management. His past work includes high rise, residential, commercial office and industrial projects. Prior to founding RL Edward Partners, Lloyd was the General Manager/VP of Development & Construction for Merchandise Mart properties. He was responsible for construction and development around the country including the $500 million-dollar Medical Mart and Convention Center.

Maggie Haggerty

Maggie brings experience in project team development with a special focus on nonprofit institutions. She has guided teams through complex projects by facilitating forward-thinking processes and communication. Her mindful approach allows her to build connections and develop trust and collaboration among a team.

Matt Blumenstock

Job Titles:
  • Staff Member
Matt is an experienced, safety-focused professional with thirteen years of domestic and international leadership positions in the construction industry. As Project Manager, Matt is responsible for overseeing and reviewing design coordination, budgeting, bidding, subcontractor selection, generating project schedules and management of client expectations. During construction is the primary contact for the architect and client and manages the general contractor, overseeing all budgeting, subcontractor selection, schedule management and Owner coordination. Prior to joining RL Edward Partners, Matt served as Project Commercial Manager with a focus on successful project execution. The role was results driven; utilizing skills and expertise in prime contract execution, negotiation and implementation of contractual terms and conditions, compliance, change and claims management, and internal and external communication to contribute to successes on project and corporate levels. He has a proven track record in technical and business capacities, using creative strategies and solutions to ensure both internal and external shareholder satisfaction.

Mitchell Colman

With a background in subcontracting, Mitchell brings extensive experience providing support for interior build out projects. Mitchell is certified with OSHA and the American Institute of Constructors, and his attention to detail and thoughtful communication make him a key member of any project.

Ryan Grommes

Job Titles:
  • Founding Partner
  • Construction Executive
Ryan is a founding partner of RL Edward Partners. Ryan is a dynamic construction executive with over twenty years of experience as a general contractor, developer, and owner's representative. Ryan has held various positions in the industry with one of the largest General Contractors and one of the largest publicly traded REIT's in the Country. Ryan has experience in several construction and development departments including preconstruction, project management, scheduling, cost engineering, and executive committee.

Scott Fenton

Scott is a team-oriented Project Manager with a background in general contracting and project estimating. With construction experience throughout national markets, Scott is able to thoroughly identify client expectations, project needs, and practical solutions. In his role as Project Manager, Scott oversees projects from early development through the completion and closeout of construction. Scott's communication and collaboration abilities make him an ideal leader on any project.