Kwesi Amonoo-Neizer - CEO

Job Titles:
  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Managing Director of Mega African Capital Ltd
Kwesi is the Managing Director of Mega African Capital Ltd., a GSE listed Company. He is also a Partner in charge of investments at OAK Partners. He has responsibility for structuring and managing client investments. Since the establishment of OAK Partners, Kwesi has been instrumental in mobilizing over US$ 30 million in investments. He has also spearheaded the provision of financing for strategically located real estate projects in Ghana. Kwesi manages the investments of Mega African Capital, Acorn Property Limited and Zigma Investment Club. Prior to that, Kwesi was an Executive Director of Databank Asset Management, one of the leading asset management firms in West Africa. He was instrumental in establishing Databank Asset Management in 1996 and spearheaded its growth until his departure in September 2008. In 1996, Kwesi encouraged five employees of the Central Bank of Ghana to set up an investment club called EPACK with less than US$50. Under his leadership and management this Fund grew to become one of the largest African funds with assets in excess of US$ 90 million and investments in eight African stock markets. Kwesi is a Board Member of Metropolitan Insurance Company Limited, Mechanical Llloyd Company Limited, Zigma Investment Club, Acorn Properties Limited and Omega Capital

Nana Kumapremere Nketiah

Job Titles:
  • General Manager, Business Development
Nana Kumapremereh Nketiah is the CEO of Omega Capital Limited. Nana is an experienced strategist, corporate revivalist and research consultant with particular expertise and experience in private equity/venture capital, hedge funds, real estate and investment management industries Prior to joining Omega, Nana played a pioneering role in the establishment and growth of All-Time Capital Ltd after he left Databank in 2009. Nana grew the funds under management of All-Time Capital to over $80 million. He also spearheaded policy formulation and the implementation of strategic policies at All-Time Capital Ltd. Nana worked with Databank Asset Management as the Head of Real Estate and Institutional Fund. For over seven years he fronted real estate's projects, product development, stock valuation and correlation for portfolio managers. He holds a Bachelor's degree and an MBA from the University of Ghana Business School, Legon. He is a member of the Institute of Directors, Ghana.

Nana Kumapremereh Nketiah

Job Titles:
  • CEO of Omega Capital Limited

Sophia Obeng-Aboagye

Job Titles:
  • Agent
  • General Manager, Property Management
  • Head of Business Development at Omega Capital Limited
Sophia Obeng-Aboagye is the Head of Business Development at Omega Capital Limited and her responsibility is accelerating the growth of the entire business of Omega. She is also responsible for managing the fixed income sub division of Omega. She also oversees the Hagion Housing Plan at Omega. She has over 8 years of experience in the area of Fixed Income and Investment Banking. Prior to joining Omega, Sophia worked with Databank Brokerage Limited, a subsidiary of Databank Financial Services in a number of capacities. She worked as Head of Fixed Income where she played a principal role in growing and building the fixed income arm of Databank. She also played a pioneering role in building the premier Databank fixed income software. Sophia was the Head of Origination and Placement with Databank Brokerage Limited, where she spearheaded debt management and product development as well as implementing strategies to manage, develop and grow the high net worth portfolio. Sophia holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Cape Coast and an MBA from the University of Southampton in the UK.