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Mainline Place, Sarsfield Road, Wilton, Cork
Mainline was the sole supplier to Cork County Council to design, build and install 20,000 non-domestic water meters in Cork. The Design & Build (D&B) contract was completed in 2010. In conjunction with this, Mainline Operates and Maintains (O&M) the 20,000 non-domestic water meters on behalf of Cork County Council / Irish Water. The O&M contract commenced in 2006 and continues until 2021. Under the O&M contract, we read, repair and maintain all 20,000 meters, as well as manage all other aspects of the water meter infrastructure, including identification of new Customers, surveying and new meter installations. The O&M project also deals with the capital replacement of the 20,000 installed meters, all of which were replaced between 2016 and 2019... Mainline Group is a leading utility solutions provider servicing the Power, Water, Telecom & Energy sectors, operating in Ireland, the UK, and Scandinavia. We provide a diverse range of services from the Design & Build of Sub-stations, to..
Also known as: Mainline Group, Mainline Utilities Group, Mainline Utilities Group Ltd.
Primary location: Wilton
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