Danish Aalam

Job Titles:
  • Manager - CRM & Integrations

Mohammed Fasiuddin

Job Titles:
  • Manager - D365 Technical Services

Narendra Prasad

Job Titles:
  • Manager - AI & BI

Phani Bhushan

Job Titles:
  • Manager - IoT Services

Prakash Kumar

Job Titles:
  • Manager - D365 Solution Designs

Razi Ahmed M.

Job Titles:
  • Chief Executive Officer ( CEO - India )

Sara Hou

Job Titles:
  • Program Manager for Healthcare at Mazik Global
  • Program Manager, Healthcare
Sara Hou is the Program Manager for Healthcare at Mazik Global. With a degree from Northwestern University, she brings technological innovation to healthcare organizations for improved patient engagement and operational efficiency. She has served as Outreach Captain & Cancer Support Specialist for Imerman Angels, an NPO providing personalized emotional support to those affected by cancer, as well as Vice President of Engagement for Relay for Life of Northwestern, an American Cancer Society fundraiser. Sara is passionate about incorporating emotional support into the standard of care and using technology to make healthcare personalized, engaging and affordable for everyone.

Syed Fahad - VP

Job Titles:
  • Corporate Vice President
  • Corporate Vice President at Mazik Global
Syed Fahad is the Corporate Vice President at Mazik Global. Since launching Mazik in 2003, Syed has consistently delivered in several key leadership positions. His background includes more than 20 years in technology focusing on the healthcare, manufacturing and public sector. As a former Microsoft program manager responsible for teams that developed Microsoft Dynamics AX, he is a deeply experienced ERP consultant and business analyst with a focus on Materials Management, Revenue Cycle Management, Business Intelligence and Mobility.

Syed Najmuddin Asif

Job Titles:
  • Vice President - Service Delivery

Syed Wasiuddin

Job Titles:
  • Edmatix - Product Manager