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location_city Camel Gate, Spalding PE12 6ES, UK
The MiSmile Network was formed, and is led and mentored by Dr Sandeep Kumar; one of only a handful of dentists in the UK to be awarded Diamond Provider status, having performed thousands of Invisalign cases (and created thousands of happy smiles). Following the successful launch of Dr Sandeep's MiSmile clinic in Birmingham in 2014, and combined with ongoing patient demand, The MiSmile Network was created. Collectively, as a network, we have completed more than 20,000 new, straight smiles... Each MiSmile Network member has many years' experience treating patients with Invisalign, and the network's long-standing relationship with Invisalign ensures all our members have access to the latest clinical developments and innovations, as well as training, support and advice, ensuring the treatment we provide is always the most advanced, even for the most complex of cases... The MiSmile Network offers you exclusive flexible finance options, including pay monthly plans with 0% interest.
Also known as: Cuffley Village Dental Practice, Dental Perfection, Gatley Park Dental, Jiva Dental, MiSmile Limited, MiSmile Network Limited, Space Healthcare, TGs, The Essex Smile Centre, The MiSmile Network
Registration numbers: 73965 (W)
Primary location: Spalding United Kingdom
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