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Long Park Road Saltash, Cornwall PL12 4AQ
At St Stephens, it is our intent that every child will be taught to read fluently for meaning and will leave primary school able to read and comprehend a wide range of age appropriate texts. Children will be encouraged to develop a love of reading, through regular exposure to high quality texts that will be shared by adults; as well as developing the reading habits of avid readers, choosing to read for pleasure... St Stephens is a Community Primary school which represents its local area well. We are passionate about providing an engaging and creative education which strives for excellence. As a school we recognise every child has a talent and that we are all different. We view every child as an individual who deserves the best possible education so they can achieve excellence... At St Stephens we aim to deliver a fun, interactive and fast learning platform for children when they first learn to read. We currently use Phonics Bug and Phonics Play daily to help us deliver comprehensive..
Also known as: St Stephens Community Primary School
Primary location: Saltash United Kingdom
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