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EMRS is also experienced in providing reliable research across a range of industry sectors, from pharmaceutical to farming, mining, financial services, politics to the community and corporate sector... We are not lawyers and do not seek to duplicate their role. Instead we provide our clients and their legal advisers with a powerful set of tools that can give them the edge in complex and risky disputes where the costs of failure are unacceptably high... C|T New Zealand provides research based advice and campaigns to New Zealand corporate and industry bodies.
Also known as: Aboriginal Reconciliation Council of Australia, Actuaries Institute, Africa, AIM, American Association of Political Consultants, Anderson School of Management, ANZ, Arthur D. Little, Asia Pacific, Atul, Australasian, Australia, Australian Bankers' Association, Australian Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade, Australian Financial Review 2016 Covert Power List, Bank of England, BDO, Bharti Airtel, Birmingham City Council, Boris Johnson, British Government, Brussels, Business Council of Australia, C-suite, California Commission, Canberra, Chile, City Hall, Columbia University School of Law, Commercial Bank, Commonwealth Expert Group, Commonwealth Office, Conservative Party, C|T Group, DuPont Plaza Hotel, EMRS, Ernst, Ernst & Young, Etisalat, Europe, Evening Standard, Executive Committee of Cabinet, EY's Financial Services Blockchain, F Global, F Ireland, F Local, F Partners, F Solutions, Fleet Street, FTSE 250, Governments, Greater China, Group's Australian, Hakkasan, Heads of State, Hindustan Unilever, Hong Kong, IAG, Independent, India Speakers Bureau, Insight, Institute for Legal Reform, Ireland, Jamaica, Larry, Liberal Democrat, London Court of International Arbitration, Lord Mayor, Madrid, Mainland China, Mayor of London, Medical Council of NSW, MGM Grand Hotel, Minerals Council of Australia, National Gallery of Australia Council, New South Wales Liberal Party, New York, Normandy Mining, Normandy Mining Limited, North America, Oklahoma City, PLS, Privacy Notice, PwC LLP, Reliance, Robert, Santander UK's Corporate, Sir Lynton, South Australian Museum, Statecraft, Sunday Times, Sydney, T CA, T East Asia, T Group, T India, T Intelligence, T New Zealand, T Reputational Technologies, T RSR, T RT, Telstra, Teneo Strategy, Tex, UK Conservative Party, UK's Foreign, University of Adelaide, University of Sydney, USC Marshall School of Business, Westpac, Westpac Banking Corporation, Wirthlin Worldwide, World Gold Council, World Trade Center, Young LLP
Primary location: Washington United States
Associated domains: ctfsolutions.co.uk, ctfsolutions.uk
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